Pennsylvania Church Investigations


Click Here. There have been long-standing issues inside the Catholic Church. I have personally experienced some of these issues. My son had a trust fund managed by a priest through the Catholic Church that was left by his great-grandfather and disappeared into thin air — poof! — and we did not get any money from it. We never even got access to it. Now my son is ready to attend college and what his grandfather left is gone. I am telling the truth. There was no reason to withhold it from us at that time I had a sky-high credit score and savings.

People in the Catholic Church were very dismissive of me and my son. Between my son’s trust fund disappearing, technological attacks and the system itself not giving the benefits it promised, it’s been very interesting.

So, when someone lied to the Catholic Church about me, they quickly accepted the lie to make themselves feel better about my son’s trust fund money that disappeared.

Now I see this investigation about child molestation in Pennsylvania. These type of things are always unsettling and very hard to deal with. One reason is that people use stereotypes to reinforce their lies. Then, some children are clearly telling the truth and they really are crying out for help. The investigation needed to get done, because no one wants to put children in the position of being at the whim of a child molester.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and the Catholic Church. I know that Pope Francis has been trying to clean up the church.

People have to understand that the Catholic Church is very tight-knit and centralized, so they are easy to focus on.

I have had the pleasure of visiting countless churches over the last seven years, and many are wonderful gifts to the community, but some are synagogues of Satan.

I have had ministers curse me out because I would not date them. One baptist minister told me I could walk because I did not want to be his girlfriend, and on that week, he got in a car accident. Then, I had another baptist minister have me do a work project for him and tried to get out of paying me. We were seeing each other, so things got complicated. Eventually, I had to be firm to retrieve my payment. This guy was like 6’3″. I refer to him as Satan. He is a false prophet in the church.



Then, I was at this one church where they brought in a minister named John, and he was from Africa. I gave him money and purchased a laptop for his children’s ministry in Africa because I love Africa. In fact, I used to be in a prayer group where the majority of the people were from Africa. The church I was attending hosted him and brought him in to minister, but then another minister from my marriage counseling group (I am not married) had a lead pastor named John. John was born in Rome and also lived in Africa for 14 years. John from Rome warned me about this minister I was donating to, and he suggested that I invite him to visit the marriage counseling group. John from Rome told me that if the other John from Africa would not come, then I should not trust him and I should turn him away. John from Rome explained that he knew a lot of people in Africa, and he knew that some of the ministers were stealing, and the money that went to them would never get to the children. I did what John from Rome said, and I invited John from Africa to come to our marriage counseling group. He got very nervous and would not come. That’s when I knew that about $1,000 of my money was not going where I intended, but it was my money that I worked hard for, so I accepted it. I went to the main church that was hosting him, and even though I was a donor there, they did nothing to replace my loss. The entire congregation had gotten duped by John from Africa. However, I am thankful that John from Rome told me what to do in order to decide if I should turn him away.

What I am trying to say in defense of the body is that every church needs to stay awake and pay attention to what is going on inside the gathering spaces and out of them. This thing in Pennsylvania is just the tip of the iceberg. As many of us know, we had another situation in Pennsylvania where teachers were stalking students with their webcams at home. This issue has never been fully resolved. When I was 15 years old, I had pretty big breasts, so grown men in their 30’s hit on me. This could be opening the door to trouble. The cameras and speakers of the laptops that students go home with should not be accessible by the schools at all. It is not necessary in order to track the laptop.

Society has changed. Access to individuals’ personal information is easier than ever to get, and this can lead to people stalking you because they feel that they know you. It’s time to pass some laws to protect our citizens.


I constantly hear people say, “If I am not doing anything wrong, it doesn’t matter.” However, we all know that’s not true because, if the person in charge of the technology discriminates, or is quick to convict certain groups of people, then you don’t have to be doing anything wrong at all.


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