Discrimination in New Jersey and Everywhere



Example: When you have two candidates and neither has a Bachelors Degree in the field but the female has over 5 years hands-on experience in the field and the male has none. If you choose the Male…It is sex discrimination. Plain and simple.


Now, if you choose people for office or employment based on race or the mixed race of the couple then it is race discrimination.


Now we also can’t choose candidates or employees based on marital status because this is another form of discrimination.


Sometimes employers discriminate against people because of their family status. This is not OK.


Another form of discrimination is age discrimination. Some people do target people based on age. The prevalence of this in politics is increasing. Some of it is due to certain age groups refusal to incorporate AI into their agenda. The reason we need to watch this is when people are older they have fears about security which can lead them to make very bad decisions. The negative influence of age discrimination can increase the likelihood of these bad decisions.


Denying people employment because of a disability is also illegal. The cost of employing the person is taken into consideration. Here is a video of George H.W. Bush.


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