Mental Health Matters More And More On Narcissism


Your environment matters, and your mental health is very important to me. I know first hand what it’s like to have people intentionally try to traumatize, abandon, neglect, harass, and abuse you. The cycle is rather vicious.

I don’t believe that people who have experienced this asked for or deserved it, no matter their wealth, color, or religion.

A very specific condition I like to focus on is narcissism. I am not a doctor, but I have been on the receiving end of narcissistic abuse. The narcissists will use any excuse to justify their bad behaviors.

It’s very important to not be an enabler and make excuses for narcissists, because they don’t appreciate your kindness. Very often, this condition can infiltrate entire family units.

Please understand that narcissists choose the most vulnerable to bully, and we should not tolerate such behavior. Do you agree that it’s wrong to bully?

I would like you to listen to some of these videos.


Narcissists do not like when you defend yourself. In fact, they will say you deserve the abuse they are dishing because you would not concede to them.

So please, know that if you ever have this struggle in your life, I will believe you. And remember, there are many healthy strategies will help you maintain joy.


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