Its Not Personal Its Business


People who are unprofessional have a tendency to make things more personal with women. It’s not personal. It’s business. That is why you should always have a contract. I remember one time when I worked for an executive under contract in and out of his home.

We had an agreement that, if they broke the contract for any reason, I had to be paid three months worth of salary in a lump sum.

This worked out for my benefit because they ended up having family problems that had nothing to do with me.

It was unfortunate that they bounced the first check that was in excess of $10,000. When a check that high bounces, it is a federal offense, but I let it slide. My finances were secure and they wrote me a second check that cleared.

I had actually offered to voluntarily work my position until they could find the proper replacement and I had eventually offered to work through an agency even though I had my own business. This was no big deal to me, because during my time with them, I had worked many hours and not been compensated. I just didn’t bill them. I figured it was a nice way to give back. There were many days when I was sitting home eating my dinner and I had to go take care of unexpected business for my contract. In fact, in my last year, there were a couple of times where other contractors checks were not left for them to pick up. Then, out of the kindness of my heart, I dipped into my personal account and paid their contractor their salary for the week.

One employee was an African-American lady with two kids and one that suffered from seizures. She could not afford to go without pay.

I simply didn’t want the contractors to lose good contracts because of forgetfulness. My job was very hard, and it was very hard to find people who would stay. It did work for me though, because I set my own hours, and I really loved the people that I worked with.

I probably wouldn’t even be talking about this if it wasn’t for certain circumstances that even I don’t completely understand.

The moral of the story is that no matter how close you are with people, make sure you have a contract.


Women can climb financial ladders and break financial barriers if we support each other, give each other hope and do not block each other from success.

As a mother of an academically gifted child, I totally understand every woman’s personal struggles with finances. We don’t need to struggle anymore.

Get that contract!



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