Stopping the Scapegoating & Improving Reporting

We can invest all the money in the world in education, the health industry, farming etc., but if we do not take action in the arena of artificial intelligence, it will all be for nothing. Maslow’s Pyramid needs to be upgraded, especially in the area of safety & security.

In a previous blog, I complained about how people with money or substantial access to technology can target a scapegoat to say or reveal things that they themselves are too afraid to share. Even worse are those who report problems, but look for someone to blame the leaks on. These people are dangerous.


I am all about solutions and solving problems, so let’s solve this one. Some might have to use technology to create a realistic nonliving false scapegoat to share technological human rights violations as well as other violations.

The news will be real, but the “people” sharing it will be fake.

I am not talking about characters or cartoons who look insane. I am talking about realistic computerized scapegoats. The scapegoats will have to look real (video format). They will have friends, addresses, histories, and higher levels of wealth and jobs according to the internet. These things could also be printed.

Now, obviously, once we reach the point of being able to do this news anchors will have to make a decision about their employment. The best decision is to offer fair and balanced news. They will have to lose the filter and the bias in order for their field to survive.

Be smart — look into whatever story comes across your desk and research it, because this will save your salary and job. News anchors today are already competing with platforms like social media, blogs, and YouTube.

Eventually it will be illegal for news anchors to accept any kind of bribes in order to restore ethics and morals in our media.



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