Lie Detector Test The Gray Area

Let’s say someone lied and said that they provide all your food. This wasn’t true but they realize that they lied.


Then you agree to take a lie detector test.

They might then start to get food. So let’s say for 4.5 years they did not provide you with food. You provided your own food. Then for a week, they provide you with food.

The person giving the lie detector test will need to ask you questions specifically.

Example “Prior to July of 2018 did ____________ pay for the majority of your food?

Now, if the food was from gift cards or from the food pantry you would have to elaborate.

They can also ask for the specific pantry.

Let’s say someone lies and says they prepared your meals yet you cook for yourself 3 times a day.

It’s an easy solve ‘Do you cook the majority of your meals?”

Things like this could be cleared up with a lie detector test.

It would be nice to open up a Lie Detector Center where people can pay $30-$2,000 and go take a lie detector test whenever they want. Job creation. I’d like to open up my own lie detector test center. Seems like a fun time. I would not be interested in working with anything major.  Cheating, daily life and family life type situations would be great. There’s one in Philadelphia.

This would be a great help to men and women especially people who are vulnerable like adults with neurodiversity. People can be exceptionally evil in trying to take advantage of these people.

Educators, politicians, actors or anyone who works with a vulnerable group of people would benefit.


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