The Dangers of Narcissistic Fathers and Games of Sociopaths

Listen to the videos in this post, and I will share my personal beliefs on Narcissistic Fathers. I am sharing things that I have experienced from all kinds of narcissists. This is not meant to pinpoint any specific person. I can’t give names, because narcissistics like to ruin our lives and then they want to try to sue us on the other side of things. They won’t ever win, but I like to spare myself the hassle.

I am not defensive just not well rested.

If you do not like religion, then you can just look at my mentions of it as a personal quirk. What I say is by faith and not about religion. We all have our things.

However, this is what I prayed for my and my son’s protection, and I believe he will always protect us.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask for you to bind anyone who means any kind of harm to me, my son, or my past family and children. I also ask that we all are protected forever to the fullest extent of your power. I ask that family members who mean harm to us be cast off, if they wish to bring a spirit of destruction and illness into our lives. May my future children and husband be protected, guarded, loved, and be given greater grace than the grace given to Solomon and David. May our love of God be enough to receive these blessings. Let no one who uses the prayers of the Lord for evil be blessed by this prayer. May every blessing that is stolen from us be restored to us and multiplied. Hide your face, Lord, from religious institutions that have taken bribes against us with the intent of doing evil, if they continue in disbelief and lacking in repentance. May any and all of their false claims and charges against me and my son be exposed. Give me, my son, and those we love life, more intense love, and blessings in abundance. Also, Father, if someone plots to steal our blessings, wealth, health, length of life, strength, knowledge and daily needs, please interrupt their plans for evil forever. Never allow their plans to succeed against us, or those who we interact with to fulfill the will of God. If someone wars against me or my family, let it be as if he or she is warring against God Himself, forever. I request in the name of Jesus that his archangel Michael war for my seed and adopted seed forever and may Uriel carry messages directly to God through Christ Jesus. Let us be safe wherever we go from now unto eternity. Also, if it ever comes to pass that we lose control of our own flesh because of technologies out of our control, may the sins not be accounted to us, but crucified on the cross with Jesus. May God be so gracious to offer his will unto me and my son and know that we claim his blessings in all their completeness.

Thanks be to God.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

*Part of the prayer is stated because there are technologies being used that we as individuals have no individual choice over.

Do not use what I say as a way to diagnose anyone’s mental illness. However, it’s time to dig into this narcissism problem.

What this woman is saying is 100% true at least from my view.

These people will have your whole family lying.


Narcissistic people will cause you so much trouble that they make it impossible for you to take personal responsibility for whatever is going on in your life.

They will try to scapegoat you, set you up, and make you out to be something that you are not. They will steal from you if it means that they can stay on top.

When you cut them off from a conversation, they will paint themselves as victims. Then, they will create situations for you where you are forced to interact with them.

They can make all the children in the family the same way if they are around them long enough.

Putting people in a place of dependency is something they do to maintain control.

The men and women in the family may join in with the abusive father and say things leaning towards mental illness like the target is schizophrenic, multiple personality disorder or antisocial. In general, they use illnesses that are hard for their target to defend themselves against. Sometimes, the abuser will get sloppy with their lies and say their target has something that could be seen with the naked eye if it were true. Then, you look for what they said and find that it’s not true.

Narcissistic fathers will alienate and disillusion people around them because their lies are so persistent, it is hard to believe that someone would be so bold in their lies.

Narcissistic men, in general, will not help women in this situation because they have a desire to have a pool of broken women available for sex. This assumes that eventually, the woman would succumb to giving in to unwanted sex. Then, the narcissistic father could be justified in his actions against his daughter if she begins to sleep around. I see similar cycles in the church body. It’s just one big setup. You should see how they act when you actually do not become the whore they were trying to achieve. Then, they are left explaining to people why they were so cruel, because none of their lies can be validated.

Sometimes, their motivation is a little less sinister. For example, they might want to use the person as a cleaning service for them when their child is fully equipped to do greater things. The narcissistic person has a real problem with letting their children go, in a healthy manner, because they need someone to be their punching bag.

Financial abuse is rampant in people with narcissism.

The narcissistic father and family will belittle the person and act like any achievements their daughter or sibling had earned apart from them never existed. They will actually take an active role in trying to destroy her achievements.

They do not care about your health as much as the influence they can have on it. They will even use health to make you dependant upon them.

Narcissistic people, in general, will come up with grandiose schemes. For instance, if they see that you are a good mother, they will tell people that your child is theirs and then try to take them from you. They are mentally ill and see nothing wrong with this behavior.

Narcissistic dads will put their own children up against each other. They will create confusion so their children and society cannot see clearly what they are doing.

Then act like they are innocent.

When you explain to a narcissist that what they are doing is wrong, they will project those things unto you and say you are describing yourself. This is called gaslighting.

If the target survived without them, they are not congratulated. Instead, they are penalized for not worshiping the parent. Other people in the family get angry at the target for not succumbing to their abuse. As they say, misery likes company.

They have no problem messing up your child’s life if you will not worship them.

Sometimes, they take the approach of trying to bribe your child so they like them more than their mother. Then, your child becomes a new person they can manipulate. In their mind, all people can be bought. If you listen long enough, they will eventually make this very statement.

They will try to contaminate every safe space the woman has.

The dad and/or family members will take photos of the target, dig through their things, and/or film them after they manipulated or provoked them. Then, they will out themselves by sharing the info with other people, which makes onlookers aware that at least part of your story is true. Doing such things shows that there is a chance the target was being harassed. This is their Achilles they desire to win so badly that they do things that expose their sin. They often conveniently forget half the stuff they did.

If the narcissistic father doesn’t know you, they will make up stories about you out of thin air instead of admitting that they do not know their daughter.

They will pretend to be Christian just to say you are defying God when they know the scriptures say,

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with a promise)

—Ephesians 6:1-2

That’s why they will pretend to be Christians but are not in the Lord. This means that the child should not listen to the parent, but instead seek better counsel. It’s unfortunate that the better counsel may already be alienated by the narcissist.

The narcissistic father will know that you are straight and spread rumors that you are gay if they know that saying so would remove outside support, especially if your support comes from a church-based institution.

The narcissistic father will recruit people in a church of the same faith to contradict what you are saying and invalidate every bit of truth that you are telling, making it even harder to get proper help.

They never have the child’s best interest at heart.

They will do everything to make you fail and then call you a failure.

You should see how these guys respond when the girl has a partner. Their dad’s behavior makes it very difficult for them to find a partner. Sometimes, they will try to attack your partner and potential partners. People waste their time trying to figure out what the problem is and trying to reconcile the girl’s relationship with her abuser. During the time people are trying to figure out what the problem is, the narcissistic dad continues to eat away at the woman’s life while having a public persona that shows he’s trying really hard to fix things. It’s all a lie and smoke and mirrors and very obvious. You either fix things or you don’t.

When the child is older and dating, the father will like men who treat his daughter the same way that he does. Why? So his daughter can come running back to him, which makes him look like a great person. He is terrible at helping his daughter pick a partner because deep down, he wants her to have a partner who will treat her badly. He needs someone who is worse than him to make him look good.


The abuser does not belong in the girl’s life at all. He can’t mess up the lives of the ones who get away. Unless, of course, he makes up a lie that can affect the woman long-term. Their goal is to still be relevant in their targets lives even after death, even if it is on negative terms.

He will literally push you away and when you leave, he will tell everyone that you were a bad, mischievous child and that is why you left home.

If your family will not admit how the father is then this can make it very difficult for the scapegoat. They join in, especially if there are deep-seated sibling rivalries due to the environment created by the narcissist. The other children see how the parent is, but are just glad that they are not the scapegoats.

The abuse pattern of these men is clear as day, but they are just really good at lying.

These men will act like victims when they are not invited to your wedding and pretend to have your best interest at heart. They are full of it.

God forbid someone else does not like the target at the same time, because then they will try to join forces to take down the innocent.

If you want to learn more about narcissistic fathers then ask a psychologist. It might make you cry to think that a parent would do such things to their child.

The best thing to do is help the victims and not worry about the narc, because they are not going to change, and at some point, they will turn on you.

They make it very difficult for their children because they will create such complications that it will deter people from doing right.

One important thing to watch for is when these sociopathic people get caught, they start to look for scapegoats to set up. Do not be this person’s scapegoat, because they do not care about you and will never have your best interest at heart. Once again, do not defend the narcissist who has been caught, because they will try to find a way to blame you in the end.

What you can do is help their target and not them.

Tell them to do right and then get away from them. Everything that they tell you is with prejudice towards whomever their target is. You simply can not believe them. If you help them, they will use that as leverage to control the rest of your life.




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