Her Majesty The Queen of England


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been faithful unto the Lord her entire life. She is a dignified woman who many owe thanks to and it saddens me to see that so many are trying to defy her basic wishes because they know she is 92. She is the Queen.

It is because of women like her that I have been faithful in my belief of God, The Father, my entire life. Prior to her was my mother who passed when I was a child but I would sit by her side when she was sick and rub her feet while we recited The Lords Prayer.

The Holy Spirit compels me to say this.

Who ever this message is for please have ears to hear.

Do not be brainwashed into destroying your own legacy. It will do you no good in the future when you reach a higher point of authority.

Love Her Majesty and keep her in the highest regard because that is where The Lord keeps her.

Even if people are in a far-off land you can still love them and pray for them.

Praise be to God.

It is at the most vulnerable times that Satan will try to strike by targeting the saints looking to eventually wipe out entire groups of people. Do not believe his lies.


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