Mental Illness In Politics

Some people in politics are mentally ill. They will think it’s perfectly OK to sit there and watch a man darn near bleed to death on the ground until the camera crew shows up. All of a sudden, like superman, they surge into action.

Please know this is not a healthy approach to life. Try your best to take action without kudos guarenteed. Games should not be played with human life.

Another thing that they do in politics is spread rumors that would be too embarrassing or disgusting to address. So the rumors will swirl but the candidate will be too scared to say anything.

For instance let’s say there’s a woman who wants to run for Governor of HI.

Her opponents team spreads a rumor that her ex-boyfriend use to crap in the corner of the bedroom and make her clean it up. Then gives out some random picture for proof.

Of course this is ridiculous but crazy things happen in politics.

How can this potential Governor of Hawaii address this ridiculous wide spread rumor without being totally embarrassed?

See what you can come up with.


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