What’s The Name Of The Show

I often talk about the show that I was on for Oprah Winfrey Network but I don’t give the name of the show. The reason I don’t give the name of the show is True Entertainment strongly discouraged it. They said they would take care of the marketing of the show.

I never mass-marketed the show, and the decision not to mass-market the show wasn’t hard to make. Of course, people saw the show and we suffered for it, since they tried to make me look like I stole a married man from his home when I’m a born-again Christian, which caused all kinds of problems, including people trying to judge me based on wealth VS my faith. This situation literally could have torn the church down, because people donated money to the church knowing that we are anointed. Then, we had church people giving us a hard time. Darn GPS. Now you will have a church person tell you everyone is anointed but there’s something they need to follow up on with that statement.

Now, should people be upset that I know about this? Not necessarily, because proving intent in the court of law is a very hard thing. There are certain circumstances when people are being clearly malicious. I can give you those circumstances. However, just donating without giving instructions to alienate, ignore or harm is a totally different ballgame. Things can flip like night and day. (On a side note, I am not a lawyer or practicing law. I’m just sharing my opinion.)

Speaking in general terms like using the word relative or speaking out after signing a contract that is unconscionable can not be held against you. Complaining about such things would be a pretty weak case. Ultimately, when dealing with lawsuits the best things to do is settle and settle quickly if it’s pretty clear you will lose.

Back to the show. It’s not that I thought I was too good to market the show, because I will market the heck out of anything that I collaborate with anyone on. I was strongly discouraged.

Someone works with me and I am all over it, telling everyone and getting things done. Filming takes groups of people working hard together for the same purpose. When the team invest in a project everyone needs to hustle.

As they say, it’s all about the benjamins, baby. P. Diddy had nothing to do with this I just love his photo and the song is still Fire.

Democracy did not die yet.

But, now you know why I didn’t market the show.

I was super polite during filming I even made Oprah a recycled handmade card. I threw a lot of love at her… I threw a lot of love at her.

However, we’ve got to get things straight because I have to get my sons gear back in order and mine to. That includes Sean John,  Arnold Palmer, Russell Simmons, Abercrombie, Asics, Levi, Under Armor, Old Navy, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger (yes, I know what happened with Tommy it’s old news. Let it go.) and few others are what we were used to, and I can’t apologize for that, because I worked hard to get all that stuff for my son. It’s unfortunate for years we have been victims of a technological attack and the system is so broken that they have not come up with a plan for citizens to defend themselves.

I did what I had to do, and my son does what he has to do and stands up for his mama. See when you witness your mother not sleeping around to get by, praying everyday, and educating you it makes you want to stand up but honestly with my son it wouldn’t matter. He loves his Mama no matter what. I’m not worshipping him when I say he’s a smart boy. I am loving him. He knows where he came from and I know where I came from.

This I want to say to you: We never know how rich someone is until God decides to bring it out into plain sight. We never know how powerful someone is until God shows us in no uncertain terms. This is not a threat it is wisdom.

Now people, my people will know why I did not market the show. I was doing as I was told even though I did not have to.  Have a great day.


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