Public Service Announcement: Technological Tyranny and The Pawns

Hello Everybody,

There are some very important things that I must share with you about what has been happening to me and my son here in our own country, the United States of America. We live in Glassboro, New Jersey. This partly happened because society has gotten so poor, that the people have become desperate for money. This causes them to make the wrong decisions.

My son and I are two very honest, loving, hardworking individuals that have volunteered for many charities and helped a lot of people. We also use to buy food out of our own pockets and hand it out to the needy.

What has been happening to us is a disgrace, and we must never allow it to happen again. What has been happening to us could destroy the lives of the rich, as well as the poor. This occurrence has given me a preview of the likelihood that we could have a technological genocide situation going on and it running completely undetected.

Approving this type of abuse would be the same as giving permission for it to happen to your family. After reading this you will have to ask yourself, “Do I want this happening to my sister, my mom, my child or my family?” Is it fair to persecute people for being poor if we intentionally disenfranchised them? It takes less than a week to make a moderate-income person impoverished. I can assure you that you don’t want this happening to you.

For the record, this post is in no way a creative writing piece.

There are many who have been used as pawns in our recent situation. While I am not in government, I would like to apologize on our government’s behalf. I had no idea that people in powerful positions would go after a mother and child for no reason. I had no idea that when they could find nothing wrong, they would just make things up and spread rumors.


I’m going to start this off by making clear I am not saying this with any malice or hate. In fact, I am saying it in good faith. Even though I don’t like to share too much of my private life online, this is a must. Please understand that I am fairly low-key and passive, so this does influence how I respond to things.

Everyone knows I am a nice, well-balanced citizen who lives her best life every day. When you have joy, people sometimes don’t like that, so instead, they thrive on making you look weak, unorganized, and/or unprofessional. People with personality disorders, politicians, and potential politicians actually think doing things to other people makes them look better.

They use big money to wage war on the little guys, and this destroys capitalism by destroying trust. What I am about to say is the last thing I wanted to do.

However, I have to speak out, because my son and I cannot suffer any more for a bunch of other people’s nonsense. We love a life of joy.

I know this is nonsense, because I have a lot of talent, and many people have profited off of my talent and abilities. There’s also a few projects I have laid the foundation for that are worth a ridiculous amount of money.  I have given divine input to campaigns through the proper pathways of communication, and yet all of these positive things have played a part in us getting hacked for years. People just did not want to pay me.

These abusers will not take everything my son and I have worked for all our lives and throw it in the trash, although much has already been lost. As I said, we didn’t do anything wrong. We have been used as pawns and targeted for years. Do not mistake this with me saying we are perfect, because we are not.

I don’t care if people investigate me. People often use my pristine image against me at times. They use it to upset other people. That is not right because we all matter. Once again, I am not perfect. Relating to others is very important to me.

For years, people have tried to trap me in the position of being sued, because they knew I might play Oprah, and wanted a way to get the money back from me if it ever arrived. God forbid I have money, right? Then, there were those who did harm to my life because they wanted someone else to play Oprah. I stood up for myself immediately and did so for years. It simply was not online, so people are living in an alternate reality that I never said anything, but believe me, I said a lot. When I was sick, I said, “I am sick”. When someone hit me, I told people, and many knew, including my family, about me not having a bed to sleep in for years. Me getting the bed is not the issue.

Online life is not the same as real life. We really need to open our eyes and ears and hear what I am trying to tell people. I was being hacked so bad that I could not live anywhere near a normal life, and even though it was happening, no one reacted, not even the church. In fact, they were rude, dismissive and antagonizing. At the end of the day, traditional churches are nonprofit organizations. My son stood up and addressed the concerns and confirmed the issues and they would not listen.

I know saying this could possibly prompt some more character assassination against me by someone using some ill-gotten information. Some people just need to save face, but trust me. I am telling you the truth. This is not the time to pull that type of game. Instead, God wants us to learn to listen to each other and do better. We have to stop trying to set people up and one up each other. It’s childish and dangerous and we have a responsibility to our children to do better.

I feel for Oprah, because I know she has a lot of money and a lot of people who want that money. They are going to go after it while she is alive and after she is gone. People would love to throw her estate into some investigative drama. There is nothing better than for them to have an excuse to dig, even though it was them who caused the problem. Some lawsuits filed against Oprah, I am sure, are legitimate.

A few years ago, I was on OWN, and when Oprah saw my photos, she saw me in her. I use to weigh 230 pounds and my smallest size was a size 2. After filming for OWN, I found out that Larry A. Thompson was looking for someone to play Oprah. This was exciting to me, so I sent them my photos.

The show I filmed on OWN Network was a little racy. I had actually gone there to talk about how God had worked in my life. However, they wanted to make the show “juicy”, so they lied and made it seem like I stole a married man from his home and his wife. I did no such thing. The man I was with had cheated on his wife with another woman and he had his own place that she knew about because they were not together.

Then, someone spread rumors based on misunderstood information and said I was a golddigger, a ho, plotting etc. The information was not a matter of public record. Unfortunately, at the same time, I was a victim of domestic violence. Needless to say, the whore thing upset a lot of women with money. When I had not actually done anything wrong, nor was I planning to. Then other women just lied on me, because I have talent and they wanted to block me. It’s that simple. This is not rocket science folks. We know how people are.

This is the problem with leaking data and using data to judge people with no human component. We often can’t tell the difference between research data, someone else’s data, and what is actually happening in real life. We can’t tell who is looking what up, or at what time, or for whom, or the motive. Once again, I have never done a single thing that would justify such an intrusion. This was a total violation of our constitutional rights. Listening to me on this would save a lot of lives. We know our country, and we know how they try to portray these type of situations as hoaxes, and all of a sudden, no one knows anything. My son was legally a minor when these people were in his phone. They could be perverts for all I know. I have experienced men approaching my son when he was 15 while out who were of age and were clearly interested in him. Then there was a Megan’s list guy who tried to seduce me and lied about his name (he is now in jail). He never touched my son.

It’s also very much worth pointing out that my online presence was oppressed. My social media was very hard to find through Google and my Facebook was not showing up. I did have a previous blog that had more traffic. It was like I had things online, but no one could find it, including my social media.  I eventually owed Facebook money for my business page, but I didn’t pay for it because my Facebook business page kept shutting down. At the time, I could only speculate what it was and was not able to pinpoint the problem. I communicated to people about this online issue, and once again was completely ignored. People treated me and my son like we were liars. Yet, finally, it all came out in the news. However, no one suffered like us because of the other factors in our life.

No one cared about how this would affect my child, who has worked hard his whole life to be a good son and a hard worker. He had to sometimes work twice as hard because of how he learns. He is now learning physics, precalculus, African-American History, Civics, Spanish, etc., but this destroyed all his high school years. He has a brilliant mind and has done right by his mother. The ethnic men should be proud of him. All men should be proud of him, and he is just a teenager. He’s not going for the hurt-his-mom-steal-from-them-and-then-throw-a-little-money-at-him-to-appease-him. I taught him about utility when he was just a babe, just in case anyone would try to abuse him by using it against him.

People pulling political maneuvers tried to set up my innocent child and put him in a very bad situation. Of course, he is now much larger than when this started, so people have started to see him as a man when he is just an innocent teenager who reads books. He is not dangerous at all, and has not done a single thing wrong.  I’ve been trying to protect us both. I am not an overbearing parent, but instead a loving one. My son is one of the kindest people you would ever meet. I view him as an equal. We are very courteous to each other.

He is not the only one who has transformed during this process of abuse, as I looked like a 20-something when I arrived here in New Jersey just over 4½ years ago. The last few years have stolen some of my thunder, but I will be getting back everything that was stolen from us and then some. This is our promise from God. We are not your sacrifice.

This is me, chilling with no makeup.


When people judge you unjustly, they do not want to admit that they are wrong about you. We have a history in this country of passing harsh judgments against people of color. We also have a history of abuse of power.

After defaming me on reality TV, I am sure Oprah’s team and True Entertainment had some concerns. I mean, destroying a single mom’s life and an innocent, honor-roll neurodiverse child’s life is pretty darn serious. Whatever problems I was having were multiplied by being falsely witnessed against on national television. I have treated Oprah with as much respect and kindness as I could.

The false witnessing did some real damage to our lives because I worked in people’s homes. My son is a STEM student, and I use to make 33K part-time. That might not be a lot, but it is good for a mom who was raising her child on her own with a 773+ credit score. I have photos of my taxes on my Facebook. My goal was to take care of my son, keep him out of trouble and I did that job very well along with working. Then, some people decided to attack me and my son for not fitting the stereotype.

As far as the film about Oprah’s life, producer Larry A. Thompson wanted to produce the film. After learning this, I sent in photos and called them and they called me back. We talked about what was holding up filming. I had not auditioned yet. They only had my headshots. Coincidentally, this was about the time that I wanted to have another baby, because I am at that age to just do it or say “Screw it”. I wanted to have at least three kids. The combination of my abstinence practices, technological warfare, physical abuse, and false witnessing could bear results that are eerily similar to involuntary sterilization. After talking to Larry’s office, my phone was wiped out by a hacker and the name on my cell phone was changed. It was a Boost Mobile account. After that phone, several of my other devices were hacked. All the info of all the people I called for help was wiped out by changing the name on my cell phone account. I did have Boost Mobile fix it, but I am not sure if it stayed that way.

Can you imagine what that would look like to police if my son and I were accused of doing evil and we have multiple phones on us?

Thank goodness data can work both ways.

It’s been ongoing for over four years. I did tell the police more than once. Google sent me a message once that said my hacker was in Hollywood, California. Large corporations have an obligation to remain neutral in such matters. I am thankful for the notification that I received. At this point, there has been too much tampering. It’s really not right that people tried to set me up for an investigation just so I could not safely enter politics or have that movie role. Things upset me, but by faith, I have been kind to the best of my ability.

My son and I are not the kind of people to break down and fall into some long-term path of insanity. We find that logical thinking serves us well.

Where I live, people thought I was spying and reporting, but what really was happening was that I was calling people for help because of what was happening to me and my son. Many times my calls would not go through, and calls to lawyers were disconnected. When I connected with new people we often could not stay connected. So, not only were we getting hit by a hacker, we also had people being mean in town because they thought we were spying. Our lines of communication have not worked properly for years.

We could not live a normal life at all because of the hacking. This made us seem antisocial when we are not. My son was also bullied in town and this also contributed to some of his lack of interest. How am I going to find work where I want, when I can’t even get resumes out? I already have a special situation, and this made things even more difficult. Even my computer account at the library was acting up. How can I benefit financially from my works and ideas if they are being previewed by hackers? How can I engage in politics when I am in meetings that are supposed to be private, but I have a hacker?  How can my medical visits remain private when we have GPS and hackers? When you are financially disenfranchised from hacking, it is rather hard to fix the problem. If we had Maslow’s Pyramid in front of us, we would see that my and my son’s lives for the past 4+ years has been lacking at every level. Yet, we are still smiling and resolve to do good. American citizens are no longer accepting fake lies of paranoia as we saw with Cambridge Analytica. The American people know that these hackers are trying to harm us.

Wake up!

You can go to school for 12 years and have everything you’ve earned wiped out by one single well-financed hacker.

Now here comes some real knowledge. This is the big one.

It’s even harder when the people around you are lying on you because they want money or the rights to your inventions. I am in no way implying that former Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has done anything negative. In fact, I extend a multitude of thanks for his service to our country.

As noted in the presentation attached to the word “inventions”, I sent a message through the White House website to Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. in about 2014. I also sent social media messages to the NSA. Shortly after Vice President Biden visited my alma mater, Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina, where I took a couple of classes and had a 3.67 GPA. They may have changed the requirements for the certificate I earned. CPCC is an amazing school and I am thankful for his visit.

The number one way people get away with systematic abuses such as this is claiming the person is crazy or paranoid. We have had so many black innovators, inventors and scientists get robbed like this, it’s insane. How many inventions have we had stolen?

At the same time, both my son and I kept having our health insurance cut on and off. Every service that was available to Americans was unavailable to us. Both my son and I were in the middle of getting tests done for cancer so, as you can imagine, this added stress to the situation. If I have cancer, that would really hurt not just me, but my son. It’s disgusting that people would do this. People who participated in this have to understand that if I am sick, they can be held accountable. Again, I have been to the doctor for the same thing for over 30 months without a solid diagnosis of the pain that I have been having. What the doctors told me is not meshing with my symptoms. Very often doctors look at test instead of paying more attention to the symptoms.

I know there are people who think they can just wipe data and lie, but that’s not going to happen. No one should be abused in America, especially not someone who is a descendant of Harriet Tubman Ross and two people who have contributed so much of their personal wealth to society, however little that wealth is. Please do not allow evil people to paint this as me lying for attention. I am telling you the truth to make sure this does not happen to others, your children, or your family.

While all of this was going on, I continued to educate my son and do schoolwork. I’m not even going to get into what the school did. Let’s just say they screwed up big-league but they did at least admit fault. The school knew something wasn’t right, but they just could not figure it out. I hope this sheds some light on the situation.

During the 2012 election, I was volunteering as a constituent for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Pat McCrory at the Raleigh RNC. A different economy calls for different leaders. I am Independent now. I also supported Barack and Michelle Obama in the 2012 election. I emailed Mitt, Paul, and a few other people, such as Cory Anthony Booker, for help with the hacker. My son and I helped get Cory elected in 2014 and we helped Mitt Romney win our state. Cory Booker’s people declined to help. In fact, I also faxed them and mailed correspondence. Senator Booker was contacted by me upon arrival to NJ with a request that he mentor me. Senator Booker was also invited to see what an IEP meeting looked like from the inside because I foresaw that the state of New Jersey would have an increased rate in autism. New Jersey now has the highest autism rate in the United States of America.

In regards to our technical issues. I sent a message to Michelle Obama specifically through their foundation as I had applied for a job with them. At first the Application would not go through but eventually, it did. I made sure to say I was the woman who was on OWN. I asked that they only give information to Michelle because, after hearing people spread rumors that I was sleeping with Barack, I wanted to show her I respected her. I do not take married men from their wives, nor do I spread rumors about sleeping with married men. Barack was not the only subject of rumors, as someone lied and said my son was President’s Trumps child when he is not. How dangerous is that?

Usually, women mess with married men for money. Having your own money or a partner with money is 1000 times better. Like I said, stealing men from their wives is not my thing. When a man says he is serious about someone else and wants to be exclusive, I don’t mess with him. Guys know when they want a woman because they will shut the other woman down. They will say, “No thank you” and not let the issue linger.

Most people do not understand how bad what they did to us is because they do not know the bible.

I have no idea how all these rumors started. Maybe someone wanted to boost some ratings. I really have no clue. I’ve never been a hooker or anything like that. Maybe someone lied on the colored folk again. Maybe someone wanted to try to attach me to Oprah’s downfall so I can’t have the role. Maybe someone wanted to criminalize and entrap me and my family and make a ridiculous amount of money without giving us one red cent for my very legitimate and valuable invention. It’s of course also possible people wanted to use what’s happening to me as a prelude to something else like the Oprah film if they wanted to give the part to someone else. It’s more than obvious that we are being used as pawns, at least that’s clear.

Whatever it is, it’s time for America to do better, because we know better. We know it’s wrong to weaponize data and then share people’s private information with others. How can we trust anyone who would share our private data with other people? If they’d do it to me, they will do it to you. That’s why some of my data is bogus. Data as a whole is inherently discriminatory, and no one’s lives should be judged solely on data. It’s dangerous.

I can tell you from past experience I have actually had a crapload of documents uploaded to my computer that I never put there. I’ve had the wrong acne prescriptions filled by pharmacy because of data entry mistakes. All the computers at the library could be easily infected by one flash drive.

Bottom line, we know it’s wrong to attack innocent women and children based on speculation. And we know it’s wrong to judge by party names instead of looking at their policies.

Some of my political correspondence was actually for employment. Unfortunately, several people never got my mail. Then, when I wanted to raise funds for a project, people like Jeff Bezos, Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey, and Wendy Williams never got their mail, either. However, Oprah’s staff did receive messages. Trump’s people knew what was happening to me. I had also applied for a job with Elizabeth Warren, and I also told Ivanka’s people and Senator Booker’s office over and over again in good faith.

All my contacts were in good faith, as we were trying to fix a problem that most towns are not equipped to fix. Once again, I’m just a mom raising her son, and trying to get some help with what is happening to us. We aren’t spying. We aren’t lying. I’m not after a married man or trying to take anyone’s family away. I know being cast to play Oprah is a big deal, but the women really need to calm down.

The bad thing about this is the people who I contacted will lie with a straight face and say they never received correspondence that they did indeed receive. This is the unfortunate truth about technological terror.

Why would people not see that a mom with no criminal history, who has never done drugs in her life, who doesn’t have sex outside of marriage, with no addictions, who doesn’t drink (I am not a recovering alcoholic. I just don’t drink around people I don’t trust.), and has never smoked in her life as an asset? I also am not on any ongoing medications, nor have I ever been prescribed any long-term ongoing medications for mental health. Of course, I contacted a list of people myself trying to get to the bottom of this hacking. I am not gloating or trying to justify myself. I am just sharing who I am today.

It’s most likely that this has to do with bribes. My son and I consider ourselves to be globally protected citizens over the color of our skin. We have never been outside the country but we are in a global economy, after all.

Vincent Damian Guidera, who is named after a saint, by the way, has the same story. We both have clean records. As stated before, maybe that’s part of the problem. Some people don’t like good competition. These people want to cut down the trees before they’re full grown. I won’t speculate too much. You know how people like to randomly diagnose others with things over the internet.

Part of me wondered what other horrible lies were said about us, just to justify all the hacking we were experiencing. When people with money want your valuable intelligence, they will often use any excuse, especially if they know that no one will listen to you because of the shade of your skin. The concept of building a machine that has open access for patients is worth an extreme amount of money, and we are going to build it. Obviously, some of this mess is definitely about that. The world is evolving and our inventions must evolve with it.

Physicians try very hard to properly treat their patients. However, there are many missed diagnoses. Some medical offices have outdated equipment, and minorities are still not receiving equal treatment from the doctor. With hacking being hard to manage and at an all-time high, it’s time to give the people other options.

Not only were my devices getting messed with and my health insurance interrupted, but my family would not respond to what was happening to me and my son.

One of my relatives is a deacon and an officer, and another worked for G4S, yet no one would help with any of the major hacking issues or the social service issues that I was having. Then, another relative is a minister, yet she was sent a video of me being assaulted, and she ignored it. Tech issues are a serious thing. It’s a form of harassment. It’s a form of terror. Also, blocking people’s finances is pretty much-attempted murder. People need money to live.

Not only were they not helping and just watching it happen, they were completely unsupportive when I wanted to run for office. No one else in the family had any interest until I said I was interested.

One of my relatives becomes violent and needs therapy and I messaged my other relative who is an officer over and over again and he offered no help. Neither did my other relatives. I am not talking about my son because he’s not violent towards me or others.

What’s happened to me and my son is not due to a lack of intelligence. To the contrary, it is because of intelligence and discrimination inside the church and society as a whole. For instance, my son had a trust fund left to him by his great-grandfather that disappeared into thin air. His relative, a priest, was an overseer of the Trust Fund.  I have no choice but to speak out about this since no one cared to try to fix it the proper way. We never received this money.

This is why people have been trying to separate me from my son. There are people who are trying to create lambs that have been slain. Assuredly, I tell you that is a very bad idea.

As stated, my son has a neurodiversity and is academically gifted. His earning potential is very high. He could not understand why this was happening to us, and why no one would respond or go to the police with us. Even the local church I was christened at would not help much. They helped with some food but my son’s trust fund was likely absorbed by the church. They also are tied into the Republic.

It finally clicked when my relative told me the other day that she could make me disappear, and that all her data had been wiped, and how spotless she is. She also told me that she has more money than I think and that she would sue me. I’ve lived here with no bed for over 4½ years. The couch I sleep on is 20½ inches deep compared to an infants crip that is 28″ across. Of course, my son has a bed. Every time I brought up the issue of moving the couch, the owner acted out. I am sleep-deprived and have been since two days after not having access to a comfortable place to sleep. This is me functioning at 30%. I could not move because of the financial abuse and the shelters here are no good. It’s not like I am asking people to wait on me. As I prepare our meals and we bring home our own food. Sometimes, I use condiments, bread, eggs or milk. We do our best with the support we get from my sons Dad.

Once again, this all was done to keep people from seeing me as desirable, and to keep them from working with me. Meanwhile, they were damaging my reputation and appearance. The longer people are alienated by my circumstances, the better chances are that our citizens will buy the crap story they’re fed.

I have never been prideful, and I have told everyone what was going on, but since I lived somewhere else for 15 years, people just believed every lie spoken about me. The lies that were spoken were pretty harsh.

My son and I volunteered and helped the community in many ways. We were in the Greater Glassboro Group and the Creative Glassboro Group. I also told the groups that I was in what was happening to us. Some of them laughed about it. Maybe we should check their donors for the past four years, and then five years out.

Part of me realized that it’s highly likely that they were attacking me because they wanted to run Oprah Winfrey for office. So, they tried to obliterate a single mom and her special needs child for no good reason. We didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this. People used my own family to violate my rights. Oprah is not the only female who was considering running for President.

This should not be happening to innocent civilians. Our government should not be taking advantage and permeating the walls of our very homes.  I have not had a healthy night’s sleep where I live in over four years. The people being cruel were all so certain of their behavior. That type of arrogance only comes with backing.

People in my family should have never been recruited or taken individual liberties to research, harass, or disenfranchise me and my son. This is the biggest blow to the American Dream that I have ever seen.

I know the goal was either to make it look like my life is out of control and I can’t handle anything, or to demonstrate how desperately I need a big old man to handle things for me. What me and my son need is to be treated with kindness. We both clearly have handled this situation with poise and grace regardless of what was happening. I currently am my son’s mom, mentor, tutor and role model.

During this entire mess, I turned away men who had businesses, made a whole bunch of money, and married men who were “offering to help.” Their assistance wasn’t sacrificial. As a woman, I have to stand for something.

We’ve been through several pairs of shoes and have walked many miles. Should I be punished for not sleeping around? I think not. The response of the churches to this situation is really ironic. Why didn’t they rally behind us and offer support?

It’s pretty obvious why I have not made the progress that I’ve been needing to make, and it has nothing to do with an education or something we did wrong. It has everything to do with people having a lack of empathy, ethics, and morals. It has to do with people’s desire to race-bait and pull punches over prioritizing human life. This has to do with people being obsessed with drama and using their education to do evil. This is about greed, monopolies, and people wanting to be worshipped. Make no mistake about it — money changers are at hand. It’s unfortunate that people would do this to their equals.

Someone in power knew I was the strongest, most promising opponent that they have ever seen, so they disrupted my life and caused all kinds of delays to keep me from getting to where I needed to go. People of my intelligence can bring in a lot of money and I can break down a lot of walls.

Women, we have to ask ourselves, “If a woman who is intelligent, well-spoken, logical, and living a holy life is still not good enough for the church, or even the government to treat right, then what type of world do we have for our kids?

How are they going to outrun the abuse of technology? We have to fix things for us to have a future.

If everyone is willing to sell out two innocent people for donations and literally watch their lives fall apart, then who will be left to keep any of us safe or alive? If no one cares about each other anymore aside from money, where are we headed?” In bible, it says God is our physician. Physicians that sell out to your enemy cannot keep you alive.

I can’t be concerned about the fact that some of our leaders illegally set up and tried to convict two nice people. We were forced to live where we are, and some have made it so difficult for us, that we are not even sure how we will be able to return to a mindset of safety and normalcy.

Targeted hacking is degenerative. Ladies and gentleman, both Mitt Romney’s camp and Paul Ryan’s camp knew what was happening. I appreciate them but they knew.

The only thing I can be concerned with is making sure my son and I are safe and keeping us fed, educated, happy and smiling. This situation is exactly what Elon Musk has been warning everyone about for years.

I would like to thank Senator Stephen Sweeney, who believes that people like my son and I matter by giving me a recommendation for a job with the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

It was to my delight to receive a letter from him the other day. He is by far one of the most intelligent and well-equipped senators in New Jersey. I can think of no one better than him to hold his position. We can trust Mr. Sweeney to do what’s right based on the information that he receives.

I am not currently availible for the Chosen Freeholder position but if I ever am, I will let everyone know.

Even with all the attacks that were happening to us, my son and I never lost control or tried to harm anyone. We kept our wits about us and continued to protect all those around us. We extend a humble thank you to all who have done the same for us.

After the show I filmed for OWN, there were several famous men who were rumored to be dating me but are not. It’s my belief that some of these men lied to protect me from what was happening because of this Oprah film issue. It is my hope that none of them are harmed for protecting the most vulnerable. I love you guys.

There is way more to this story — so much that I couldn’t write it here because it would overwhelm you. I’ve written enough for you to draw your own conclusion of what people were trying to do. My desire is not for the focus to be the domestic violence problem that was happening to me, but the combination of everything as a whole. It would be all too easy to scapegoat the circumstances and only focus on the domestic violence.  I reiterate again I told so many people, churches, community centers, doctors, police, librarians, employees of Rowan University, even senators. Can you imagine if this was happening to my son and he was on his own like many other people who have the same neurodiversity who live on their own? I had even sent a message to Iyanla Vanzant and followed up with Jeffrey Gardere to see if he still had my records from seeing me. He did not but at least he responded. I did reach out to Oprah several times.

I want all Americans to be safe and I am a firm believer that if you see something you should say something. This is why I am sharing our technological terror experience with you.

We were wiped out by this folks. If you are a lawyer or would like to help by sending gift cards or want to know more about projects I am working on, please contact:

Dana Guidera LLC

PO Box 582 Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 347-0387

(856) 562-6016

I look forward to quickly ironing out the issues of my sleeping arrangements, our doctor’s visits, schooling, communication, any legal matters, and political drama.

And now, a short note from my son.


Hello, everyone, this is Vincent Damian Guidera:

I stood by my mom because I love her. Please do not let anything happen to us.

If anyone can give me a laptop or a few iPhones so mom can have her devices any time she wants, that would be great. For more information, you can text me at (609) 400-3001.




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