Elder Abuse, Mental Health, and College


One really important thing to understand is that aging people like to have conversations like everyone else. They don’t like to be treated like babies. Many of them want to have the open and honest communications that they had in their youth. If they want to end a discussion, they will tell you. Look at John McCain. He is a shining example. John was sick with cancer, and he still told people exactly how he felt.

Then, there are aging people who can themselves be very abusive. They are a little scary because they will try to act like victims. This is nothing new — there will always be those who try to take advantage of a cause.

Now, I think we all know elder abuse is wrong. To hit an older person who is defenseless is not the right thing to do. They’ve contributed a lot to the world, and even if they did not lift a finger their whole lives, they do not deserve to be abused. So don’t hit them or harm them. It’s not nice.

There are times when their minds start to go, and at night, they can at times become a little bit more frustrated or angry. Be aware of that.

Also, I find it to be extremely appalling when people take advantage of the aging populations’ lack of knowledge either because they lost the information or just have not learned it. It is abusive to take advantage of an older person’s mental shortcomings, and I personally find such people to be the scum of the earth.

By the way, it might be smart for the colleges to come up with a lifetime education pass that offers people aged 50 and up  the option to take up to eight courses per year for the rest of their lives. I am talking about actual college courses that give credit. Then, we can see if it has a positive influence on our Alzheimer’s statistics.

We have to be honest at a certain age if certain people are not involved in technology they can be at a disadvantage. We need to recognize that now by seeing what we can change to compensate for them. Think about it. A lifetime college pass for 50+.







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