Scapegoating The Tattletale Passing the Buck


I study human behavior a lot and one thing that really gets under my skin is when people in authority know that something very bad is going on then they jam up the life of innocent people on lower levels with less money and very often less ability to defend themselves. To force them into the position of scapegoat. This is inhumane. This type of behavior comes when there is a crisis at hand and no one wants to see it.

There could be ethnic cleansing or any kind of cleansing going on or the potential for it. Wealthy people will see abuses and potential for abuse. They will know that one of the people in power has lost their mind and feel compelled to do something. So, they will tell on them.  They might go and tell people overseas to secure allies.

Afterall where can you go when you told on a whole bunch of your peers?

This is why it is always better not to worship people but correct them. If you correct them you will keep them from losing their wealth. If they listen. You will save them from losing their promise and you will protect innocent American citizens from being targeted. Protect the vulnerable.

This is why I find it so ironic when people with money say they don’t want honest people around them. Many of them are somewhat honest. They just tell on people in secret and then try to find scapegoats. So what difference does it make if you let an honest person hang out with you or not? It doesn’t make a difference. It doesn’t matter what people think. What matters is right and wrong.

When a powerful person reveals a secret they are financially stable. This makes it easier for them to tell. The person who revealed the secret definitely has a means of transportation that will get them around fast. They also definitely have the money to disrupt a scapegoats life. Have no doubt about that.

It is not some young kid, broke family etc so forth that are the people who told.  They might tell what is happening to them but believe me you… There is someone, who lives very comfortably, that’s sitting in the background.

They jammed up their scapegoat’s life because they didn’t want everyone to know it was them who told. 

People at the lower levels will have no idea what is going on because they do not understand the nature of man. A person in power can twist and manipulate things that you’ve never heard of. This is why we must open our eyes to what is going on with technology.

If you are being scapegoated you have to say something because God will save you and a whole bunch of others in the process.


I can tell you for a fact that these rich people, God bless them, have had so many things happen to them that they even have a hard time trusting their children, spouse, and siblings but that’s a story for a whole other day.


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