International Treaty: We Need One Now

We have arrived at the point for the need of an International Treaty regarding technology. It would be wise to include what level of reciprocity we will have when our hospitals get hacked and any other major institutions. These things do not just happen on the mainland. Hacks happen from overseas. We need a plan.

We have no excuse and no reason not to be dealing with this matter head-on. How can our citizens pursue happiness if our healthcare system does not have the security it needs.

The thing about hackers is they really do not care who you are. If they have already blackmailed enough people then they will target people or businesses without getting paid. They’d do it for free. This is the nature of some of these people.

They get an adrenalin rush from hurting others.

It is time to put the male woman war aside. No one cares what religion you are. Hackers could give two flying hoots and a nanny what party you are, unless they are using it to target you, and they do not care if your hair is shaved bald or long.

It’s time that we get what needs to be done, done. Be responsible. 

We have 328 million+ Americans and 7 billion+ population in the world counting on both it’s citizens and it’s leaders to do the right thing. Do the right thing.


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