Humans and Animals


I have observed that lately, people have been referring to human beings as cats and dogs. This is strange.

This is not good. Men are not dogs. They are not cats. They are men and we must continue to refer to them as people because human beings can become desensitized much faster towards animals.

This is why in combat people might refer to a person as a target, gorilla or a goat. It helps them disconnect from acknowledging that the person is a human being.

We need to acknowledge that people are people with families and others to care for. They are living, breathing miracles.


On a side note. I do think it will get very interesting as technology comes along. I’ve had a few people think that I am a transhuman or a bot. I am sure they mean well but nope I do not have any technology in me. I just read a lot of different things and watch academic videos and study.

Personally, I don’t think I am all bad. Very often I find that people just need to take a Xanax.

Some people are cruel towards me because I am a little different but aren’t we all? Whatever.


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