The Cranky Smiling Blogger who is Filled With Joy


I have a tendency to talk about my ideas and share. What I am often faced with are difficult people denying my intelligence because they have a plate of problems that I can’t diagnose, as I’m not a licensed physician.

If you ask them to go to the doctor, they very often fly into rages.

People with certain personality disorders have a tendency to refuse to go to the doctor, so I can’t really help them with their corrosive personalities.

The field of science and innovation has always been plagued with race-relation and sex-relation issues. Intelligent people have also been plagued with fake mental illness diagnoses as far back as I can remember. I have a tendancy to accept people, so as long as they are not plotting to kill or injure people, we are good. Is that asking much?

I also don’t like when people try to steal valuable things. That is just not cool. It isn’t cool at all.

It’s almost like people in science should start wearing T-shirts that say “I got your crazy.” Then show them what crazy looks like.

When you have a child who is also intellectual, people try to act like it’s either the child or the mom, when they know darn well most of a child’s intelligence comes from the mother. I mean, isn’t that public knowledge? I thought everyone knew that. If you did not know that, now you know.

It’s a greater likelihood that both the mom and the child would be intelligent. They may have different types of intelligence, but you get my point. Those eggs are worth money baby.

My son’s ideas are not online. They are stored in a notebook. He’s got some good stuff.

A lot of my ideas are stored in my head and a notebook.

You would be shocked at the ridiculous hogwash people will say about you without even knowing you.

I have relatives who I see, but rarely ever speak to, and I lived in a different state for over 15 years. They do not know me, and I do not know them, so what they say about me is assumed. They are as knowledgable about me as a stranger I met for tea.

Maybe that’s the problem — assumptions.

Even worse is most people know that if you have to point out that you are an intellectual then you clearly aren’t that smart. I mean who goes around pointing out how smart they are?

Um…Um…People like me. That’s who. Rock that confidence girls!

Even if you don’t know who Anaximander is you still have the ability to find out.

I just found out today.



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