Being A Thinker Again


Here is a thinking exercise.

Someone is running low of groceries. 


Maybe the person is going on vacation.

Maybe they plan on taking a break from cooking and eating out.

Maybe there are pesky varmints and they plan on pest bombing the kitchen. 

Maybe the kitchen environment is made so unpleasant that they spend as little time possible in it.

Maybe something is draining their finances. 

Maybe it’s the last day before payday.

Maybe food is on the way so what difference does it make.

Maybe every-time they keep food in the kitchen, some of it goes missing.

Can you add anything to the list? What’s the best way to obtain necessary information. If someone is low on food. What is the natural response?

Why should we use our thinking cap?

It’s always better to think and ask questions than assume.The human mind is amazing.

After being in politics I learned that people will lie on you and your child and cause all types of ruckus. Click here to see my Prezi about Whisper Campaigns.

Being a thinker protects you just as much as it protects others.

You would be shocked at what people lie about and if you are not a thinker you could be attacking the person not knowing the truth.

For instance, lets say a woman is childless and then she tells everyone that your kid is hers. Sounds crazy right but people try to do these things. So be thinkers.

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