You Are Under Investigation



Sometimes when something is going on with a minority in the US community they launch an investigation. Often what’s going on is they have nothing in their record.  These investigation will last a ridiculous amount of time.

The truth is they are not investigating but instead trying to gather information to set the person up.

If they can’t set that person up they then start to go to secondary’s, circumstantial evidence and anything else? This is where scapegoating comes in. Scapegoating is wrong.

This process combined with technology has the potential to be injustice on steroids.

These fake investigations are often used as a way to harass people with talent to influence a criminal reaction, impose limits on their progress and to keep them behind their peers.

My advice to people is keep closer track of what’s going on in their children’s lives. Especially, if they are helping in the community, political science majors etc so forth.

Don’t strike out . Learn. Learning will protect you.


Where did I learn all this? From life, political observation, open learning and reading.

I did take an Open Course taught by Ian Shapiro from Yale also. Great course. We need to re-establish Morals in Politics.



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