Innovative Women Take Notes and Keep Records


The prime reasons female innovators, scientist, and inventors are often left out is because they do not keep good records.  Then we have the issue with some of the wealthy just wanting to get wealthier and looking at the little guy and deciding just not to pay them. Then, of course, governmental greed.

These are stone cold facts, not opinions. This alone should give us ample reason to question any negative comments that people make about gifted females?

Sexism is very strong in America especially in the science field, so if there is an intelligent male near the woman, even if she came up with the idea, society will try to pass the credit off unto the male.

It’s particularly insulting when women do such things to each other. How can we make progress if we continue to have the same pattern of behavior?

Attached is a link to a machine that I want built to go in every pharmacy all over the world. 

This will help diagnose maladies and assist people with getting second opinions on their diagnosis. I had also written a blog sometime ago about curing cancer through the use of data. I saved the blog. Please click here.

The majority of medical data is biased in some way but my approach would allow for a happier balance if correctly implemented. I’m sure that we would also find a pattern of African Americans being offered fewer options for treatment by doctors. Even though I had already known that this was going on in the medical community it was nice to be validated.

Using data to validate things can be tricky. Click here to see how data is blatantly racially biased.


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