Everyone is Very Vocal About Ivanka Trump


People must first understand that everyone will have points they disagree on, but we all have the right to live in order to have those disagreements. Many have bickered about Ivanka Trump.

The issue with women is when we discourage them from doing something, there is very often someone waiting in the wings to say they are being discouraged because of jealousy from the other party.

Now, there are those encouraging Ivanka to run for President, but they are doing so with the knowledge that the probability of her getting assassinated is high. I don’t want anything to ever happen to her. It’s obvious the media does want to hold Ivanka equally accountable for anything her father does that they view as unjustified. Once again I want to stress the point that this is coming from a place of love not hate.

The only time I am hateful is when I have PMS or someone messes with me. Sorry for that side note. I am what I am.

Now, I am sure she may have some assurance from people outside of the country that they will advocate for her. However, this is the United States of America, and just when you think something is going one way, it flips on a dime and becomes a completely new situation.

You might negotiate something with one country, but then another country swoops in and draws their attention away from their promise. It’s not that they won’t keep their word. It’s just that life happens.

Furthermore, the most likely to bring on an apocalypse type situation are those who are lacking in certain wisdom and knowledge. Do you know who God’s kings are? Do you know who his celestial beings are or terrestrial beings are? If you do not know these things and take advice from a computer, you could put yourself at enmity with God at the click of a button. It is an unfortunate circumstance that our history of racism makes it even harder to spot Gods chosen people. God very clearly said everything on this earth is his. God is the eye of providence.

1 Corinthians 15:33-44

In my opinion, Ivanka should just leave the White House and resign lickety-split. Then make sure that she has proper security detail for her, her family and her staff. Later, after some rest, she can clear her mind and decide if she wants to run for another office besides President.

Being already present in the White House does not give people the hand up that they think. We all saw what happened to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sometimes quitting is a good thing. Sometimes quitting is grace.



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