I Don’t Search For or Through Cell Phones


I have a firm belief if you have to search for a second cell phone or search through a man’s phone then you do not have enough trust to maintain a healthy relationship.

Men who are cheating will get a second cell phone.

Some will hide numbers in their phone under Notes.

Affairs can also be hidden in plain sight. They will just change the names. If your husband is trying to hide names it will look like this.

Victor is actually Victoria

Andy is actually Annie

Brandon is actually Brianna

and so forth. Or they may name the person an organization with their name it.

Kistler-Tiffany Foundation is actually Tiffany

Trust is really important. I met this man and we did not talk for a while. He was a new person in my life and nothing more than friends. One day he helped me move a few boxes and then got me some McDonalds. Unfortunately, he reached over and tried to touch my back without my permission. I politely told him not to try to rub my back anymore. I hug people all the time. I just didn’t want him touching me. Well, he then started to do this weird thing of calling me super early in the morning. He did it two days in a row and woke me up just to say, “hi”. He’s in the security business. I figured out he was calling me to see if he heard a mans voice or to disrupt things if there was a man there.

Alls he had to do was ask me. He can rest assured not in the entire 4.5+ years, back in NJ, have I ever had a man overnight. It’s these type of childish insecurities that I can not deal with. Have this conversation with other women and men.

Be well.


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