The Motivating Factor


The Motivating Factor, better known as the MF often does not get the recognition that they deserve for sparking change in the system.  They are the people who very often are considered difficult and break down strongholds and monopolies. The reaction to MF’s is usually jealousy or sometimes even rage. People ask questions like, “Who do they think they are?” Workers will actually improve on doing their jobs or start doing the job they should have been doing in the first place because the MF starts to do their job for them. The mere presence of an MF will make workers reflect on their quality of performance. Others try to scapegoat the MF for being the point of contention. When the real issue is they were doing their job in the first place the MF wouldn’t be needed. Most good leaders are MF’s. Their motive must come from a somewhat unselfish place otherwise there is another name to describe them.

Are you an MF?

How do you think MF’s should be treated?

What are the Pro’s and cons of MF’s?

Think about it.


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