Saving Golf in a Changing World


We are in the beginning stages of a culture shift in politics. When the culture shifts everything attached to it does too. Golf has always been a prominent part of politics but when Obama was President it had to take a back seat to basketball. I like basketball especially the dunk contest.

This is why we can’t just call ourselves a colorless society. We must actually see color to help keep things afloat.

The Golf community has been trying to integrate more children of color into their youth programs and this is great! Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are in talks about planning a 10 million Dollar match, which is also great but it is time for Tiger Woods to run for office. As in a political office… Mayor, senator or something.

This is a very smart move. I can’t help but to think of that Katy Perry song Roar everytime I hear his name.

Go get’em Tiger and roll deep to a basketball game.


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