Calming the Political Storm with Marriage and The Memo


Some of these epic people need to get married. Otherwise, there will be a weaponization of marriage enough to unsteady the entire world. A good majority of people are not peace seekers like me.

Everyone has a right to marry whomever they wish but surely, those of intellect have considered the fact that people like Dwayne Johnson being single could cause a lot of trouble. It works both ways.  We can’t be sexist and say all female presidential candidates must be married, but male presidential candidates can be single.

We should also take a look at Tim Tebow:


Then, of course, there is Colin Kaepernick:


Okay, I am going to keep the list in the United States to keep things calm, but good lord, ladies, what’s going on here?

There are a good few I left off the list. You need to stop messing around and get married. You don’t need to date someone for five years to know if you want to marry them. It is time to grow up. You guys have to learn what full responsibility is and mature some.

Carson Wentz knows what I am talking about.

carsonwetz (2)

Then there is Senator Cory Anthony Booker just running through them.


You’ve got Beautiful Gayle King, Cleo Wade, Veronica Webb, and Bianca Levine. Then there was this girl:


While the message is light-hearted in delivery, it’s rather serious business. There are certain life lessons that are best learned through actual marriage and children. There is a difference between what God has brought together and carnal marriage.

Here is My Poem I call it…


I never got the memo

To be hateful to Jewish People

That all Muslims are terrorists


that Christians should be ignored

I never got the memo

That Mormons and Jehova Witnesses

Are disposable

And that Catholics really aren’t of God

I never got the memo 

That black women don’t matter

And that all black men are absentee dads

I never got the memo

That all white people are Devils

Or that all Hispanics are crooks and thieves

I never got the memo

That winners don’t cry

And that people who make mistakes are disqualified 

I never got the memo that only people with a college degree can have a high salary

And that people who give to charities are obligated to give

I never got the memo

That Autistics can’t be CEO’s

Or that parenthood is not allowed to be granted special consideration

I never got the memo that women over 40

Are only good for fooling with

Or that men of a certain age should just be used for money

I never got the memo

That it doesn’t matter what the people think

And that our only job is to shut up and pay taxes

I never got the memo

That light skinned people or mixed people

Have to choose one culture over another

I never got the memo

For equality to be realized

That we must destroy each other 

I never got the memo

That “pretty” ladies don’t have real problems

Or that handsome men should have women fall at their feet

I never got the memo 

That bullying is a better currency than love

Or that using the word “victim” means that I am weak

I never got the Memo

That ethics and morals don’t matter anymore

And that I, as a citizen, am supposed to sit in silence while my country falls apart

I never got the memo

That all people should starve who can’t work

Or that older people have no value 

And if I did get that memo

I Would Shred It

And Burn It

And Throw It




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