Life and Death and Wills and Cremation


Today I was speaking to my friend, John S., about people’s wills. One thing about wills is that they do expire. Keep yours up to date (for example, my will, prior to Jan 1, 2018, is not valid). We were talking about the great responsibilities that morticians have. It’s a hard job, and when people die, they have certain wishes. Some things can’t be carried out because they are cruel. I informed him that my greatest concern is that people who do not wish to donate or get cremated be protected. This is because I know Jews who do not support organ donation, and I know others who would strictly disagree with any form of cremation. Are there laws or safeguards that we can put in place? After all, we know places like New Jersey have more people than burial spaces.

It’s ironic that some citizens think they can bury the run over from New York in New Jersey when New Jersey is quickly running out of space.

On a side note, parents should use times of loss to discuss life and death when given the opportunity. Some parents talk about these things when animals die. Today, my son and I were walking and boom — a dead bird fell right out of the tree — and it hit the ground with a thud.

Don’t feel scared. Everybody dies one day, except for those who see the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, at which point the dead shall rise.


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