Latency in Government and Poisoning of Citizens


I am not surprised by how we are treating people at the border, because it is a reflection of how America, in certain areas, treats it’s own citizens in it’s own country. America is a place that is often full of light and justice, but can also be the seed of injustice. There are crimes against humanity that are happening in our own country.

However, we fail to acknowledge the truth because of pride, favoritism, and self-serving ambition that will get us nowhere in the end. We must continue to think globally, but be certain to act locally.

One of our big problems is not paying attention to how much time is passing. We can have a problem brought to our attention right away, but then let everything fall to crap. Often deciding five years later to fix the problem. At that point, the issue has gone from a $300 issue to one that can cost several thousand or even millions of dollars. This is a cold hard fact of how we are doing things in life and in politics in America.

Then, to make it worse, we try to punish the people who achieve things outside the parameters of the current system. Our intelligence only becomes a commodity if it is attached to a specific party. This can not be allowed in America. Nor can we allow faithless countries to set the parameters to where we should aspire to be. Faith is not blasphemy. It is the belief that anything is possible..

The other day I was studying World War II with my son and I explained to him how they used starvation as a method to trigger people to attack. “If they are hungry they will attack” was a motto at that time. Yet, God has always said, “Feed my sheep.” We’ve become an adulterous nation by chasing after things that are good only in a combative sense. Our ministers in the churches are worshiping money, and denying his children. Citizens in power thirst to silence chastity, virtue, and providence in exchange for demagoguery.

Authoritarian, one-party governments are only good if the leaders are loving and caring to all. They have to be willing to bless all, love all, encourage all, and restore all. We have to be willing to protect our citizens both on and offline from things that are truly threats. We cannot be willing to partake in favoritism or targeting and fall into the coffin of indifference. Our messages should be submerged in congruency with action.

When it’s convenient, we change our history not to make progress, but instead to be neglectful and avoid responsibility. We are not higher up because we refuse to take responsibility.

It’s time to take responsibility, and therefore unleash the power that is inside each of us. We dropped the ball, and it’s time to pick it up.

The Flint Water Crisis is a Crime Against Humanity


One child with lead poisoning can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills and an estimated ten thousand were affected. Watch the entire video, but listen to Michelle Lujan Grisham starting at 54:02 in where she speaks on the necessity of our leaders taking a hands-on approach because of liars.

Health effects from prolonged exposure to lead. A person who is exposed to lead over time may feel: Abdominal pain; Constipated; Depressed; Distracted; Forgetful; Irritable; Nauseous/Sick; People with prolonged exposure to lead may also be at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and reduced fertility. Even death…


Michigan has school districts with $428K deficits, and to add to their problems, they are intentionally causing lifelong health and fiscal damages to their citizens. This emotional, physical, mental and fiscal damage is the product of consistent intentional and ongoing latency. We have to call it what it is. It’s a crime against humanity.


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