Violence in the LGBTQ Community



Violence is an overall issue in our society and homosexual people suffer through it differently. Many times gay men and lesbian women will be held hostage by their homosexual partners with threats of revealing their sexuality to their family. This is a very cruel practice. It is a form of emotional terrorism. homosexual partners can also be extremely violent, just like heterosexual couples.

In my life, I’ve had friends who were very flamboyant and others who were homosexual, but it wasn’t obvious. A good portion of people in our society goes through phases with their sexuality, but no one deserves to get abused by a violent partner or people who have a problem with their sexuality.

I will be honest with you: I’ve had homosexual people abuse me, sometimes for years, because of my faith. They had bad experiences with a few people who believe in God, and then wanted to destroy all heterosexual believers. Some of my abusers are just not nice people to begin with, and it has nothing to do with them being homosexual.

As a person of color, I can see how that thought process happens. They are angry and mad from having bad experiences. This is something a person has to intentionally fight against.

You have to be able to say, “I know what ____ did and I know what____ did, but you did not do this to me.”

Some people do not understand that things like the water system, thyroids, medications and iodine can affect our sexualities. Spironolactone (Aldactone) can give a male fetus feminine characteristics in the womb.

So, if you are gay and violent and/or abusive towards your partner, please stop. Also, if you have the mindset that homosexuals should all die, then realize that your relatives, including your wife, daughter, dad, or son could be homosexual and you not even know it. Wouldn’t you want life for them?

You don’t have to surround yourself with homosexuals, but can’t we at least appreciate our differences?

It is love that covers all kinds of sin. My love shines through when people ask me about the matter, and I say how I feel and share the book of Genesis from the bible. Then, that person understands that I don’t have to change what the bible says to love them.

The whole thing can make me a bit uncomfortable, but we shouldn’t say things like “They deserve to be abused”.

People need to find a healthy balance so we don’t hurt each other. It’s just not cool.



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