Religion and Government Flast VS Cohen

People are pretty upset about what is going on with the migrant children. That is understandable as children are greatly loved by God. I did see that Jeff Sessions referenced Jesus. One thing we all have to understand is that we can not mandate people pay taxes to sponsor a specific religion in the government. It’s a very delicate line that should not be crossed.

Are the taxpayers of the United States currently involuntarily funding a religious crusade?

There are many different times where religion and government have come into question a perfect example is Flast VS Cohen. This is a country of many different faiths and belief systems. We need to remember that when making decisions. Invoking religion too much can cause unnecessary hostility.

Example, if I separated a child from a parent in the name of Jesus but the child is an Orthodox Jew this will create religious tension.

What is happening now is some of the people in both the Republican Party, the Church and the Democratic are at enmity with God for seeking after death instead of life and for also wholly and completely rejecting the descendants of both Abraham and Ishmael.



I am seeing a lot of racial bias where people are trying to crucify people of color based on a rumor or a lie meanwhile the people who are actually doing bad things are getting a pass or have gotten them for generations.

Remember this scripture Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.’

Some people are living Angels. Some are living creatures and some of them both good and bad are Angels of Death.

Since so many want to discuss religion please be aware that you might be entertaining Angels and they might be Angels of Death. Angels of Death can do miraculous things and are very powerful.

Let me ask you a few questions. How good is your faith if it would sit by and watch innocent people be persecuted? How good is your faith if you must lie on people or interfere with their life to condemn them? How good is your faith if you continue to glorify false information as true? How good is your faith if you feel no obligation to repair what you have done? How good is your faith if you try to justify abandonment without first trying to work with a person? How good is your faith when you feel compelled to follow flesh when there is something greater?

Most of our faiths ain’t so great.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.’

Once again I can assure you that some of these Angels are Angels of Death. They are hard to spot when you are spiritually blind.

Since we want to discuss faith we have to accept the good and the bad.

Have a great day. Keep it peaceful, be nonviolent, be giving, be merciful and be loving because love covers all kinds of sin.

Dana Renée Guidera (née Ross)

PO Box 582

Glassboro,  NJ 08028


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