Saying Things We Should Not Say?


Things that people say when they should not or are just jokingly.

I am going to kill him.

I hope she dies.

If I could just wring their neck.

If I could just hit him one time in the mouth.

I am bringing them down.

If I could bomb that place I would. (Yes, people do actually say this and are not serious …usually during political talk)

I just want to gut punch them.

I just want to throat jab’em.

I don’t know about this throat punch guy. He looks suspect. I think we should do a full background check and dig deep into his personal business. Maybe harass him long term and cause some form of trauma so we can arrest him after making everyone suspicious of him. Then that way we can disenfranchise his kids too. Maybe try to force him into converting to one of those faiths we have labeled as extremism. Later plastering it all over the news and lie and say he was born in some foreign country so Americans don’t realize we have a habit in the United States of manufacturing drama. (Have a sense of humor)

This is why the Law Enforcement industry is not meant for everyone. Society is partly delusional because our physical bodies have not adapted well to the Emerging Technology (ET). If you are concerned about something someone says and you have sufficient evidence they are a real threat. Call the police, FBI or Homeland security.

Here’s some great info


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