Be Mindful and Grow as a Person

Sometimes women can be defensive towards each other. I live a non-medically assisted life so I do experience the full range of neurological typical emotions.


There is nothing wrong with taking medication if you need it. However, I am finding that many women even grown ones my age are taking a High School approach to life.

When we start feeling like attacking a woman who has done nothing wrong to us we need to take a break and recenter ourselves.

Take a deep breath, be mindful and give yourself a chance to learn what is triggering your animosity. It might be that you need to take a break, have a peaceful conversation, go for a walk or that you need to laugh a little.

It might be that someone is intentionally trying to set you off. Those women are not worth your time. They have emotional problems and likely need therapy.

Some women go shopping to help them feel better.

I do find that defensive women have an absence in their life that money can not fill.

If you are married…Unfortunately, your husband will not be able to fill it for you either.

Your friends can’t fill it because many will just lie to you and tell you that you are doing the right things or acting the right way when you are not.

Some people pray, meditate and some do other things to find their path. You will have to do the same to find yours.

If you ask me… I will happily tell you what mine is…Smile for me.





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