AIDS HIV and Jerry Brown’s Legalized Launch of Biological Warfare


As you may have already heard Governor Jerry Brown out in California launched a legalized biological warfare driven attack on the American people by making a joke of knowingly giving someone AIDS.

He needs to step down. There are 27 people who want his seat. Listen, I went to Washington, DC and saw the AIDS quilt many, many years ago (back in the 90’s) and it was devastating.

AIDS can ruin a lot of lives and if it goes untreated it can kill a lot of people. Another Pandemic will create poverty and take a major hammer to our economy in the wrong direction.

People who have AIDS are not Lepers but they have to be responsible. They have a right to live their best life. I thank God everyday that I don’t have something like that and my empathy goes out to those who do.

There are anti-HIV prep pills that people take once a day to avoid getting HIV. You will have to speak to your doctor about who should take them and how they work.  However, after the release of Prep there was a reduction in the use of condoms. This, of course, is a mistake since there are about 19 million new cases of STD’s reported every year. A classic case of fixing one problem and creating another.

There are talks about building a monument in California to recognize the massive loss of life that has occurred in America from the AIDS virus.  Nevada would also be a great place to build it.

If you want to learn more about HIV/AIDS and review the data check out the World Health Organization’s website.



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