Conversation Manipulation and Wiretapping


Most people don’t understand how easy it is to doctor conversations or manipulate them. I see this all the time in politics, especially with people weaponizing data, and utilizing GPS. Data doesn’t mean much either, because people have the freedom to plug whatever they want into a device. It can be creative writing or a random out-of-context thought. Hackers can edit pretty much whatever they want.

The other day, I spoke to an officer about wiretapping. I explained why it is not as valuable as you think if you are dealing with a sociopathic narcissist or just a plain sociopath. Sociopaths will hold false and fake conversations. They will choose a target, and talk about that target to someone else, but the foundation of the conversation is a complete lie. Sociopaths will have these conversations with as many people as possible to criminalize their target. So, while the conversation is truly two people talking, the conversation is based on a lie.

An example would be someone calling a woman and asking for her but the man on the phone says she’s sleeping. When in all actuality she is not sleeping. He might then go on to say how lazy and depressed she is and how she never does anything. Yada Yada Yada but the entire time she is awake.

From listening in on a few conversations like that the person who is tapping the phone will begin to believe the man never knowing that he is a liar. This happens more than you think since abusers like to isolate people.

Many of their conversation about their target is an all out lie.

Nothing beats speaking openly and honestly with people. There is just no replacing that.

I remember one time when one of my friends told me she was talking to her dog Barb when she was yelling. She said that for weeks but when I finally met Barb her actual name was Barbara and it was her sister.


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