Talking About Ben Jealous


The other day, while at a convenience store,  we got to talking about politics and I threw Ben Jealous in the mix. He is a progressive leader running for Governor in Maryland who wants genuine change in Maryland.

I have such a great appreciation for men like him. The gentleman I was speaking to went to school in Delaware and explained to me that there was a lot of  discrimination against him growing up there because he has Asperger’s.

He does a great job at work and is very hard working. It’s nice that his family never gave up on him and made sure he wasn’t only offered special education classes  but also classes geared toward his passion Biology.

One of my friends has Asperger’s and Graduated from Rowan but now is seeking her Masters in Psychology at another college. This is what works for her.

Many here who travel frequently to Delaware have high hopes that Benjamin Jealous will protect and help build up, encourage and educate the differently abled people in Maryland because they are only a hop away and you never know who will build your economy.




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