Narcissistic People and Sickness


One thing you should know about narcissistic parents and siblings is they will abuse someone, and then all of them will lie. If the narcissistic parent is sick, they will not tell the person they are abusing just so they can say how bad they were treated, even though they were the one being abusive. They may also project their mental illness onto you and claim you are mentally ill when it’s them struggling with mental illnesses. For example, I have a relative who has a history of schizophrenia, but lies on me. She is the one who has this condition. People believe her because it is very hard to tell the difference, and because narcissists recruit other people to lie. Proximity can also be an issue when dealing with mental illness, because the environment can break down sane individuals. This is often referred to as burnout.

The other issue is assessment. Who is assessing the mental illness? Is it an unbiased opinion? Is it a person who lives in an abnormal environment? Is it a gay person who hates heterosexuals assessing a heterosexual? Is it a light-skinned woman who believes she is better than a dark-skinned woman?  Is it a criminal judging a saint? Is it a racist? Is it an over privileged person? If the opinion is biased, then we are not going to get good answers. We have to pay attention to who we are listening to.

Read up on narcissism. It is a real problem in our society, and in combination with ramped cognitive dissonance, it can be even more dangerous. The woman in this video is not a doctor, but she is spot-on about many things. I study psychology to learn why people target kind people, and for other reasons.

What do you do when you are sick? When I am sick, I tell people not for empathy, but for support. This is healthy and normal, but the Narcissistic person wants people to focus on them, even after death. Some people will not speak on sickness because they see it as a weakness. Many times narcissists will not speak on sickness because they know they’ve attacked people in their weakness, and believe that others will then attack them. They hate weakness and attack the weak, therefore they can’t be weak. People who are into eugenics do this.

I am leery of many parts of psychology, because there are many diagnoses that are abused every day, but just as other scientists have observed, there has been an increase in sociopathic behavior. Narcissism has become so bad that we are trying to normalize it. However, it is still not normal.

This can happen to children as well as adults. Try your best to read motivational material, exercise, separate from abusers, and get connected to people with a healthy mindset. Shield your relatives who are not narcissistic from the narcissists. Do not worry about lies, because the truth always comes out. Do not downgrade for abusers, because it will never be enough for them. They are losers. Get to the gym, drink some water, and take some vitamin C, and by all means “Don’t worry be happy!.”




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