The Shift in Society Has Already Arrived

In our society, we target innocent volunteers, as well as lie on, abuse, sleep deprive, defame, falsely accuse, refuse to give medical treatment to, block from healthy entrance into education, discriminate against, and disenfranchise people. We also make prisoners of war out of American citizens and try to act like we didn’t do anything.

The worst part of doing all of this is they try to assess people’s mental wellbeing after intentionally attacking them. A perfect example is what happened to Albert Einstein.

Often Americans are targeted for unindoctrinated intelligence and talent. Then we pretend that we are not obligated to restore the targets.

The problem here needs to be broken down to fully understand it.  First, we have to look at sleep deprivation. The effects of sleep deprivation kick in after a few days.  However, after a few years, the composition of your brain does change. Please click or tap on this sentence to see my presentation on sleep deprivation. Healthy rest is a physiological need, that if not met, can affect one’s whole life. It is the foundation for many things. This, in combination with other occurrences, can cause maladies in your life.

Besides sleep deprivation, lies also have a major impact on people’s social standing. Sowing distrust slows progress, and while people try to renounce lies, their competition progresses forward. Lies are a weapon, and when one is not willing to use lies, it means that one’s enemies can make progress ahead of him. Will they answer for it in the end? Yes, but a lot of destruction can be caused by lies, especially if the person needs help, because lies displace action for as long as it takes to investigate the lie. Then, if the lie has been going on for a long time, depending on what type of lie it is, it may become true, even though it was not true when it was stated. For example, if one calls a woman a whore, then block her from evolving financially, even if the woman was not a whore when one said it, they may become desperate and sleep around. Maybe the accusation stemmed from an assumption, but that is no excuse. A lie is a lie, and lies can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Click here to learn how lies are used in politics. Lies are also used to put people up against each other who otherwise would not be at war.

Not giving someone medical treatment is pretty self-explanatory. When we have citizens who return to the doctors multiple times for the same problem, but are not treated, this will affect both short-term and long-term life, especially if it is serious. Not only will this affect the individual, it will affect their offspring and society as a whole. This is just plain common sense. A person who becomes ill after receiving any combination of these things is a victim of a crime. Why would a doctor not give medical treatment? Most doctors are there to heal people. This is the majority of them. However, many are corrupt, and the patients suffer for it. Please click here to watch videos on medical corruption.

A very recent, public case of medical corruption happened during the Menedez indictment where the doctor actually did harm to elderly patients to steal millions of dollars and then store the money overseas in the Dominican Republic. Click or tap on this sentence to see the news. He actually stole over $130 Million in Medicare funds. Dr. Salomon was given a 17-year prison sentence, but likely will serve less than 10. At the rate of 17 years, which I promise you he will not serve, it is a rounded 8 million dollars per year or $672,000 thousand dollars per month. This is why I scoff at convictions of poor people who are often targeted, and simply cannot get good legal representation. They are also victims of lack of access to AI technology fighting against a system that uses it. This puts American citizens at an unfair disadvantage.

Some time ago, I contacted Bryan Stevenson, a civil rights lawyer, for an interview and asked how he believes AI will affect the legal profession. I have been contacting his office for years now. I had also written President Obama in the past recommending him for Supreme Court consideration.


Bryan works with a lot of intentionally disenfranchised black people. He sees systematic destruction daily. From watching most of his interviews online previous to today, he very rarely speaks about his clients initially having mental illness, and I am proud of him for not using this methodical “scapegoating the victim” approach. Very often, people of color; such as black, Indian, and Hispanic people, and citizens of certain faiths, who are victims of crimes, are labeled mentally ill to relieve perpetrators of responsibility. The sad part is it’s only a doubling down of the abuse.

Ultimately if any of us want to do more than just survive we will have to learn not to let something go wrong first and to actually be mentors to our neighbors even when there is not an organization.

Many Americans and the Royals demonstrate the need to get involved in loving your neighbor. Queen Letizia spends a substantial amount of time volunteering and investing in Charities. Let her light shine so bright that it blinds you. This is what we all should aspire to be to one another.

Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and his wife Queen Letizia


Finally, I will cover healthy entrance into college. Going to college is an investment. We need to teach our children to make healthy decisions and investments as early as possible. Some of our worse investments happen during times of duress. To teach our citizens to use Education as an escape hatch instead of a well thought of investment is a mistake. If we make entering college a matter of utility and not a matter of investment then the utility of college will wear off quickly. We want our students to say I want to be here because I chose to go to college VS this is my escape from hardship. Education does help us grow in a multitude of ways but if viewed as an investment we will pay closer attention to how our investment is treating us. We will question why we allow colleges to charge us the same amount for an Art Degree that the ROI is substantially lower compared to a Pharmacist Degree.

All I ask is that you consider some of what I am saying but please know that you have no obligation to agree as it is good to research such matters. Seek the truth and you shall find it…This is the American way.



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