Things That are Spiritual


One main problem we have in faith is people can not tell the difference between people who are chosen by God and who are not. One thing you should know is we will always, until the end of time, be present. God will not leave the earth fruitless and fully barron of his children ever. He will always protect us because He does not lie and said that a remnant will remain.

Can his chosen be provoked? Absolutely.

Many people do not like Gods children so they mess with them and get them to act out of character all the time. They often try to lock them out but that’s impossible.

There is tons of discrimination in the church. It’s our fault for doing it and allowing it for so long.

Gods chosen can do all things. They drink, they curse, they have sex but many love him so much that they express their love for him through how they live their life. They are not less chosen when they make mistakes. He is quick to forgive those who repent.

There is much confusion about when and how God pours out prophesy. There is also a debate between what a seer, medium or even a Saint is. Many people do not believe in Saints because it can lead to arrogant self-worship. However, there are Saints. God can give even those who are not saved prophesy. Somethings are revealed for you to pray for saving and mercy. 

Often we are confused and account money as being the blessing. Money is a blessing and we should be thankful but that is not thee blessing. This is why in me having nothing I still have joy.

Sometimes gifted people may be giving a warning from God and people make the mistake of viewing it as a threat, a joke, or arrogance. Spiritual warnings are not threats and they are certainly not jokes. God moves us to warn so our hands will be clean. Those who are asleep may not receive the messages well. Messages from God are for saving, building, creating, curing and loving.

Education from God is meant for doing good and not meant for doing harm. Especially not to those that He Proclaimed that He will have a covenant.

They are the truth. You can be very loved by God and him still give you foresight that may upset you. It’s because he loves you and wants to prosper you and not harm you.

However, if we do the same thing that we’ve done in the past and take that …let your God save you attitude then he may react as a Parent who told their child not to do something 1,000 times but they did it anyway. Or he may say, “You are magnificently and wonderfully made and I will have mercy on you.”

It is demons and man who want the people who are saved to be confined to the walls of the church. Very often we choose our leaders but that does not mean that God chose them. It means he allowed it even though he had something better for us.

If you want the truth simply pray “God direct my ways and reveal to me who you want for me and what to do with and for them. God moves people gently out of my way so I can receive what you have for me.  God give me the love I need and empower me to love like you.” It’s in this prayer that he shows you who your friends are…Who your wife or husband is and what he has for you.

There will be many times in your life where you are stuck between grace and man but please know that even that awkward gap is Gods.

Many times we have no fear because he has not acted and that is because he is storing up rath. It’s up to us to ask him “Reveal to me oh Lord if I have sinned against you?” “God deliver me from my sins.” Sometimes the consequences are minimum and sometimes they are not.

You can not fix your sins against people by accommodating other people. That is not repentance. It’s a blessing to help others but when you sin against someone you should go to them. Plead your cause and make things right the best way you can.

Some doubt the Lord and that’s why they continue in defiance but it is God who allowed that doubt. Praise him for his patience and mercy. However, as the prayer of Apostle James says it is best to be ready at all times to answer your call without delay.

Look at what God has done. Reflect on his Majesty and know that all evil designs will eventually collapse and that he will bring justice on your behalf for every tear.

Holy is His Power

Holy are His Angels

Holy is the Sword of God

No matter your shape your size or appearance you will never be defenseless and in your humbleness His power will shine so be the passion that you speak into the world because there is not a ray of light and grace that will be kept from those who truly love.

There is not a single thing that man can make that would make you more perfect to him than the day that you were in the mist of becoming.

You are welcome here and in Christ Jesus name you are loved.




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