Hacker Update – Ongoing Learning


This hacking issue is an absolute bust.

I will settle for nothing but complete maturity when it comes down to people’s lives and their health hanging in the balance. This is not a game and our lives are not chessboards. This is not a time for people to be demanding personal praise or accolades.

We are here to value the weak as well as the strong.

Since the hackers I have are still at it, I will have to call Senator Booker’s office as well as the previous offices that I campaigned for about this hacker to share how we were intentionally disenfranchised. Of course, there were many letters that have been written and delivered. I will also have to follow up with the newspaper in another state that I spoke to yesterday until I see movement in the right direction. I am an independent at this point because no one party has done completely right.

Most people don’t know this, but sometimes, stories never hit the market because people pay the paper not to publish it, so one has to follow up. Sometimes when these things happen, the victims use aliases just to make sure their mail is delivered. We may have to add to or change the postal law to ensure that no one is persecuted for using an alias when they are victims of technological terrorism. This can happen to the rich as well as the poor, and even more likely to happen to future generations if we have any. As the law stands any citizen can give suggestions for laws and changes.

I was trying to post pictures last night, but my photos were blocked. They would have given you clear insight into the truth of the type of person that I am and what’s going on.

This takes away from the prosperity of the country as a whole when we don’t help our citizens to quickly fix these problems. That is why we need tech officers and service centers available to the public. Also, since we have not resolved racial tensions in this country, we should promote a fair level of tech education for minority and low-income families so they know what to do in situations such as this.

Tech officers are smart enough to know that if someone called them because their proof/photos are not going through when they send them through email that, when they arrive, the hacker might let the photos go through in the officer’s presence.

This is a method hackers use to discredit the victim.

People who have no tech experience will think the user did something wrong, and this is precisely the problem with proving technological interference. That and the fact it requires ongoing learning. We’ve all seen it on the news and we know for a fact it is possible, true and highly likely for someone who has been on OWN and volunteered for four different campaigns to have this happen to them. I’m a 100% sure someone lied about something major just to keep me from getting the resources I needed.

It is time to invest in technology, such as Google Glasses because as we saw in the last election individuals have started utilizing GPS technology to harass individuals who campaign. It’s also becoming increasingly hard for our celebrities to live even a remotely normal life. Google Glasses could allow the user the option to directly transmit to police stations if they choose. This will help with domestic violence issues.

Every day, our officers risk their lives and are lied to. Much of their time is spent trying to figure out who is telling the truth.

All phones and computers should offer the option to record their screens. This will offset some of the problems. The bigger issue is the upload because even if one has proof in one’s device, they will need to be able to upload it.

The reason that people who do these things keep on winning is that they think one will be scared about what others will learn about him or her. That’s also why it’s barely spoken about.

This was simply a personal attack, and someone trying to gain control of another human being by trying to dig up dirt and cause trouble. Slavery died a long time ago. I don’t care if you think I am a hooker, a thief, a bad mom or daughter, dirty, filthy, nasty, or a ho.

The facts still remain.

I have no addictions.

I have never smoked in my life.

I’ve never done a drug in my life.

I don’t have sex.

I am told I am an exceptional mother. There’s a culture difference from where we use to live.

I have never even had a cop write me a ticket.

No volunteer and helpful citizens should have to explain themselves so much because of liars but I do so with the joy of knowing that I will always be OK.

You live your life how you want, and I will live my life how I want. What matters is common courtesy, love, safety, and appreciation for each other.

Enjoy every day because each of us has power beyond explanation that often lacks recognition. To me, the very smile on your face is a gift to the universe.

Now for some Train-





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