From Shelters to Addiction Treatment Programs

Proposals. They are a little messy from people with dirty hands handling them.

Right now, many of the shelters have women who were abused mixed in with women recovering from drugs and addiction. These two groups should be separate. Many of their children have never had to live with someone on drugs and transitioning from their normal environment to a shelter type of environment can already weigh on their emotional health. People assume shelters are clean environments, but they are not.

That’s why I wrote a proposal to remove clean women out of shelters into houses, with the hopes that the numbers could be reduced so the shelter’s facilities can be turned into drug treatment programs.

They would need more drug treatment programs because I would want for the police to allow drug users to turn in their drugs and go straight into treatment after doing so. That means no more locking them up and having to pay out over $100,000 a year per inmate.

The jails and prisons will have plenty of people to lock up, because of the change in technology. People have started to think they are God and are free of getting caught. Many people break the law on the daily basis.

Some of the women, no longer in the shelter, who have children can go to school, get financial counseling, have access to a lawyer and vehicles, receive personal growth coaching, financial advising, and fairer wages while making sure their children have normalcy and stability by living in a house. They would also have the option of hiring someone for childcare, so they can go out like normal adults and have fun. All of this is included in another plan that I wrote. Many times when companies find out a woman is coming from a shelter they offer her lower wages, making it even harder for her to get on her feet.

To all the women living in shelters, I have listened to countless stories about how you’ve gone from one abusive place to the next and I understand the isolation and condemnation that you feel that comes from people who often simply got lucky. There are many people who did not work for the money they have but were born into it so they struggle to understand your truth but I understand you.


When women are poor it often forces us to stab each other in the back and we finally need a woman to say no not this time.



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