My Adventures in Glassboro 13


My Non-Incoherent/Non-Weird/Non-Odd Rant


I was at the Courtyard by Marriot the other night trying to apply for a job at the White House, but it would not go through.  I am computer-savvy enough to know it’s not me, and I showed that to an employee who couldn’t figure out the problem either. The form was very simple. This is an issue because when you have a hacker keeping you from working, it means that it makes minority people impoverished and keeps them in poverty, which is contrary to every goal of the Democrats. My speaking skills supersede those of most other people, and I have no criminal history, which is a reason why some people try and set each other up. I didn’t come to New Jersey to be a politician by the way. I was sent, and not by any particular man or woman. Oprah and the locals saw my talent and just freaked. I’m great at other things too.

This also happened on my private computer, at the Logan Township Library, the Glassboro Library and at the Mullica Hill Library. Then, people were frequently unable to see my Facebook. I showed the staff and they all saw that it was a problem. No one really knows how to handle this kind of hacker. Maybe it was because they are implementing GPS technology.

Given the things on the news, we should be taking this very seriously. I have been communicating this problem for years. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting emails about funeral homes and life insurance out of the blue, along with having a photo of a gun inserted into my clothing search on Polyvore. I could see such ongoing occurrences setting someone off without a trace of what happened. That includes special-needs, elderly, and gun-toting people as well people who are gun owners.

I am clearly not a neighborhood bug, but a person responding to ongoing harassment and abuse. First, we were defamed and then intentionally disenfranchised. Upon our arrival to New Jersey, I was turned down for food, housing and designated benefits to help with my son, even after multiple applications. By the way, we should pass a law eliminating shredding by staff at the SSI Offices, or at least think about it.

I was then abused where I stay and I might elaborate on that with videos and photos. I have never been shameful about telling everyone who needed to know, including people in the community. I think they were waiting for me to fall apart or something. Of course, I am a woman, so I also have to deal with jealousy. I will not speculate on this matter, but the wisdom of being in my 30’s told me that money had something to do with it.

Also, the fact that I have ex-step children and have worked with kids means some knucklehead in the mix probably lied about something, or one of the businessmen who hit on me while I worked with them probably lied about something. I’ve been digging for years trying to figure out who lied on the black girl for convenience. I’ve even sent letters of inquiry. Obviously, it could be an ex-wife situation too. We all know how some women are.  Plus, people have been lying on me for years, trying to create a man-made tragedy. My son and I never asked to be a part of that when volunteering for our country. We wanted to do some good.

This can no longer be par-for-the-course, because technology has become too dangerous in the wrong hands. The temperature in the kitchen has to change for our citizens very survival.

Me bringing this up is not some confession of guilt, as liars try to spin it. When people try to character assassinate you when you’ve never even had a cop write you a ticket, you defend yourself the best you can. This is about being a person who believes one should research and investigate a problem oneself when every avenue has failed. This is about being a powerhouse that is determined and focused no matter what is thrown one’s way.

It often becomes obvious who the guilty parties are by the silence of their voices, and their failure to use their resources to ensure restoration. Unfortunately, we as a society still wait for things to happen, instead solving our problems in a healthy way. It is now time to do something, and show America that restoration after religious discrimination,  equal opportunity violations, an assault on your health and political persecution is possible.

Maybe they wanted me to get depressed, but I am not that person — It’s not my thing. I haven’t ever been depressed in my life — sorry folks. I don’t want to speculate too much, and I’d rather stick with the facts, but people often are required to speculate when others are lying.

While my son has had a bed this whole time, I have been sleeping on a couch 20.5″ deep for over four years. An infant’s crib is 28″ deep. It’s not that I didn’t try to install the bed after my relative invited me to live here. It’s that he acted like a fool every time I wanted to put the bed in. Whatever his deal is has been causing me severe sleep deprivation for over four years.

I have spoken to the women at the local shelter countless times, and they have communicated that they are experiencing abusive treatment there. There is fecal matter in the showers and no access to wifi, and on top of that, they are being told that they can’t sit in the kitchen and socialize, and they have no access to free museum passes at the library. Their donations are stolen, their property is searched illegally, and they sometimes have to walk down a dangerous road at night because of transportation hours that do not meet their needs. This is not a pride issue. In fact, I have written a proposal to help offer better options for people like them. This kind of reminds me of that Tom Cruise scene, “Help Me Help You”.

My roommates’ behavior has shown me that they will lie as I’ve had three adults lie to the police on me the other day. They said that, because my son has a neurodiversity, no one will believe him and that he just says what I want. This is comical, because if you know my son, not only is he academically gifted, but he has had his art on display and says whatever he wants to say. He’s respectful, but I told him that he is an American and we are free. Don’t worry folks, we are flexible, and understand that there is a time and place for everything. However, the time for saving me and my son is now. As it stands, New Jersey is a despot, and we need real active change now.

Can you help? Love offers, it doesn’t wait and say “Worship me first”. Nor does it try to crucify the reputations of people who are game changers and lifesavers.

It seemed that my relatives were collecting information on me while they abused me. Much of my environment has been provoked and manipulated for the last few years. If they wanted peace, certainly one of them would have put in a bed for the person they asked to come and live with them. It is up to them to do right.

One of the videos about my abuse is sitting in a very close relatives Facebook account. She is a minister and didn’t care to intervene. She said she couldn’t help because she’s — get this — from a megachurch. I’m still laughing about that.

I offered to pay rent, but it was rejected because they did not like where the rent would come from…A government program. They also would not give me a letter that showed that I did labor inside the house like pet care. Our pet care income would have been around $100,000 at this point. Anytime I asked for a ride to the doctors, or even to a funeral, it was not provided, and that is cruel. However, one person did give me a ride from time to time, albeit as a double-edged sword.

When people are being abusive, one can’t necessarily take the trade-off, because then people who are looking in from the outside will think everything is fine when it is not. If I go for a ride with the abuser’s everyone will stand there saying “They had a great relationship”.

There will be those who have been abusive in the past who will take offense to what I say and try to minimize every abuse except physical violence, but those people are short-sighted and expect the people to ignore warning signs that they should pay attention too. We have blazing bright warning signs in New Jersey that we are completely ignoring.

Some community members just would not listen to me. Just because I am well-put-together doesn’t mean I have not been telling the truth the entire time. If I were crazy, wouldn’t that mean I should be given an abundance of love and mercy if I were in such a delicate state?

Go ahead and try being sleep-deprived for even a few days and see how you feel, let alone several years while simultaneously being neglected and blocked in your community.

The goal from the beginning was to disenfranchise me and my son and also to make us undesirable, and therefore easy to accuse.

Maybe some bastard is looking for a donor and hoping we would fall apart enough for them to use that storyline. I am closing the door to that, as I have seen the different angles our society uses to do illegal and abusive things. I can tell you now that the argument that would be used against what I say is that she’s “paranoid”, but I hardly believe that anyone would think I am paranoid given the circumstances. Such an argument is laughable.

Given the fact that I was on the Oprah Winfrey Network and that I volunteered for presidential-hopeful, senate-hopeful and former-governor Mitt Romney, Congressman Paul Ryan, Senator Cory Booker, and President Barack Obama in his first term, and that this has gone on for years, it is obvious that people are lying, and it is not me.

I have contacted the NSA in the past about building a device through Twitter to help diagnose cancer. I’ve also contacted the FBI and have even talked to ICE (don’t worry I am not narc). There is not a lie that anyone could make up that would make the citizens believe that I am lying.

Now let’s talk a little about AI.

As far as Elon Musk goes, he never said not to use or develop AI. People like Eric Schmidt are taking Elon out of context. Eric is an older white male. Lots of minorities, and from what I can tell, the general population believes that the demographic of older white males are just being paranoid. Certain people of color in power are not trying to extinguish the white men.

It is perfectly natural to feel fear when one sees a group of people that has been oppressed for generations come into power. However, I have had black people attack me and not care about my well-being because I was nice to Mormons. We all know that for every person who does not care about the racial struggles, there are people who do. I get the fear because some people do want all white people to die, just like some people want all black Republicans to die, just like some people want all Christians to die or all Autistics to die.

People like me don’t want nice people to die, rot, be displaced, fall apart or be a slave and that’s why I spend my time looking for solutions that require less death and more love.

We probably will need to confront the issue that many people are not transitioning well since the introduction of augmented reality and the amalgamation of various technologies.

I speak to people every day. Some people believe in order to speed the development of AI, that they have to wipe out as many Christians as possible. This is because it is very hard to get Christians to understand that if we slow our development of AI down too much, we will fall gravely behind other countries.

There are also groups who do not want strong black men or honest black women in charge of the AI, because it will stop them from killing large (targeted) groups. For this reason, we should be asking our leadership what the game plan is for the hospitals. Will they be stress-testing the computer systems for hackers? How skilled are our doctors and nurses at diagnosing illness with only symptoms and not equipment?

These are the things we should be doing today. We should not be entrapping, convicting or harming American citizens for no offense or low level offenses. Now is the time to heal and actually remediate the masses by using our gifts, resources, money and technology for good.

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

—Jesus, The Bible (John 8:7)

“There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed.”
— Gautama Buddha

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” —Euripides


We can be reached at:

Dana Guidera

PO Box 582

Glassboro, NJ

(856) 347-0387



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