Voting, Culture and Assumptions



Who’d My Son Vote For?

My son has never voted, as he is only 18. It is weird what people will lie about. He still is not registered yet. People are always interested in our politics, so there is your answer.

I am a member of the Green Party right now, and am probably about to go independent. That’s what is best for both of us. People have gotten too volatile and abrasive. We should all do better.

We should never assume things about people based on their online presences.

I have noticed that people assume a lot about others based on their online profile. We have to get back to basics and stop believing liars. Much of my information is on my Facebook, but my Facebook page had not shown up properly for a long time, meaning people were either not seeing it, or they were only seeing parts of it. My son also had photos put up on his Facebook that he was not putting up, and I had someone message a church when I did not send the message.  I also have two Twitters @choseninpower and @withrenee1. You’ll probably will see more sports and African American history @choseninpower.

I’ve been around and have engaged with people from all over. I’ve also taken care of children from many countries.  Sometimes, people make quick assumptions about a person based on their page, never really knowing their actual life and all the people they’ve taught or learned from to make our existence in this world a little better.

I’m a talker, and I make a point to talk to people all the time. Sometimes, they end up being from France, Russia, or China. The United States is the World. We should be thankful for every experience, interaction, and chance to learn about each other, because that is love.

Sometimes, people’s pages don’t show up right, or they don’t show up at all, so it is imperative to get to know people in person for who they are. Here’s a few places people who I’ve spent time with are from.

















Just to list a few. It’s good to get to know people and to view our country through a lens of unity. I don’t tolerate others…I love them.


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