Psychopaths, Tom Cruise, and the Fallout

Psychopaths Outside the Movies

Yesterday, while at the hospital, I was watching Mission Impossible 3 with the very handsome, extremely talented Tom Cruise. In each one, there is always a few psychopaths.


I’ve done some open studying on abnormal psychology, and in that are topics such as sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, and so forth.  It’s worth noting that all of these groups are very good at projecting what they are doing and their issues on to their victim  .

Admittedly, I have a lot of books. The internet is also a magnificent tool that I am thankful for.

Sometimes, these people don’t have a trigger, and sometimes, they were simply abused growing up. Many times, they have gotten so good at manipulating that their dangerous behavior is virtually seamless and undetectable. Even psychopaths will admit that they don’t want a psychopath in charge at work, at play, or in major leadership positions.

The other problem with psychopaths is they will go to therapy just to get practice on how to manipulate the therapist. You will be sitting there with them trying to get help for your family, but the mentally ill person will have you looking like you are crazy and them looking like a saint. Click here. That’s if you can get them in the therapy office.

I find it very useful to go to therapy alone when I can. I also go to personal growth groups. This will help you keep a well-balanced mindset.

A psychopath’s goal is not to prosper you, but to harm you. There are certain fields where they suffer more from having individuals in this mindset. That includes the church, the government, the entertainment industry, and even some agencies. What happens to people’s minds in this environment can be absolutely treacherous.

That’s why I always explain to people that when you are looking at jobs for special-needs people that you have to look beyond skill set. You have to look at the stress level in that environment or field of work.  Every college should have the professions broken down into a ranking of stress along with skill-set when counseling special-needs people or individuals with unique situations.

Psychopaths in the church are people who believe that an individual should die because they posted something like this. Many of them will take bribes to abuse fellow Christians and not help them when they need it because all that they care about is money. I value the needs of the people far beyond the scriptural doctrine, and you should too.

Psychopaths in politics tend to use individuals for talking points. They will know that people need help, but won’t help them until they are on their death bed or dead. They do this so they can have something to anguish about at the podium for control, or to use the citizens as pawns to try to blackmail another person, etc. The people that we should focus on for healing during these times are the victims of sick minded individuals, not the sick minded individual. Focus on the victims. One more time— focus on the victim, because the psychopaths will just move on to a new victim, and it could be you. Do not judge by appearance, because they can be clean-cut and very well put together. Most do not know what being a friend is, nor do they care to know.

This is why I also encourage communities who have politicians in close proximity running for office to up their securities in every possible way. Get all of the police and security on the same page. Do sweeps of the area frequently because politicians are notorious for putting the people in danger to score political points and that, my friend, is garbage. We all matter, and this is love.

A Psychopath Scenario

The worst psychopaths do things like telling everyone that they will be included in their final wills and testaments. Then, they will set immoral parameters for receiving the money, only to cause harm to innocent people to see how far a man will go. Then, in the end, they will not give the money, forcing everyone into self-condemnation. This is the nature, and random scenario, of psychopaths.

The topic of mental illness and abuse needs to be discussed because our tools have changed. A person of this mindset with access to dangerous technology and the ability to rewrite the rules could put  Hitler to shame.

Then, in entertainment, sometimes you will see little things, like someone finding out they are not dating someone anymore through the tabloids, and they go to contact their partner and they find out it’s true. Later, they see the new partner come out of nowhere and it’s like thunder. I always encourage people that break up with each other to be courteous and at least put in a phone call.

With that said, my son and I are filing for divorce from anyone who has not come to prosper us but has come to harm us. For us, it’s a show-up-or-shut-up situation.

Tropic Thunder is one of my top 20 movies. I have a lot of them. Sometimes the storylines seem far-fetched and other times, it’s real life. With the change in technology, the only way to decipher one from the next is Physical Presence. Be present in your life and others.

And of course, this post would not be complete without sharing Tom Cruise’s new movie, Mission Impossible 6: Fallout. It looks outstanding.


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