My Adventures in Glassboro 10



Two Easters ago, I got my son ready for church, went to church in Glassboro and we were told we could not attend church. Then I asked them why and they said, “You know why.” It was a church we were known at, and we had gone there for about a year or so.  We had volunteered there for different events like summer camp and decorating for Christmas. There was never a problem. I explained to them that I didn’t know why I could not attend church. They never explained their answer to me. There was a group of witnesses. They were also horrified at the display.

Then I knew what had happened. Someone lied about something and they were quick to believe it. The church had no black members except a set of children of color who had white grandparents. The grandparents were really nice people, but the grandmother ended up passing away. They would have events where people of color would come and they would take photos. This gave the appearance that they had black members when they did not because they would post the photos online.

They realized after a while that my son and I were still in town, so I am sure they’ve used these two years to change the way they approached things and the composition of the church but they never fixed things with us. They never said sorry for discriminating against us or hurting us. They should say sorry and plead their cause so minorities people will see that they’ve turned a new leaf and are ready to receive us in the true generous spirit of love. There are new opportunities in this world so open the doors to receive the blessing.

Isn’t this how it happens though? Someone does something majorly wrong, but by the time it comes around full-circle they’ve changed or pretend they changed, making the original victims seem dishonest when they were telling the truth all along. By that time, most victims are worn down and weary. Some are even desperate and have gotten into things that they should not. That’s why church folk should help people swiftly.

I offered for them to do background checks and even offered to pay for them for the next season that I was going to volunteer for camp. They rejected the offer and said we could not volunteer for camp the second year because I missed the date for background checks that they had previously not required.

Again, I am sure someone lied to them, and given that I’ve been in politics, someone probably donated to them too. The problem with liars is they cast doubt and create confusion and victimize the victims. However, it is the obligation of the private entity to confirm the truth, so they did violate our rights. I had actually spoken to a woman in the church who works for the DA about all the things that were happening to us, but she said that she could not help.

The rejection still to this day makes no sense to me, but it is what it is.

The previous volunteering had gone off without a hitch, but I was the only black volunteer camp counselor. One of the children in the program was also in a mentoring program through something Ras Baraka, the Mayor of Newark was running. My being the only black camp counselor is probably what prompted them to want to do background checks the next year. But once again, they never told me about the requirement until it was too late the second year so I offered to pay but they wouldn’t let me.

Long story short, we cut ties because of whatever lie they had been fed and were quick to believe. This really alienated me and my son but we had church anyway. We took our bibles and walked down the street to get something to eat and then prayed. We didn’t have the time to lean on our own understanding. The church did want to meet with me, but they would not allow me to have a witness and got angry that I wanted one. For those of you who do not know, people have been killed inside of the wrong congregations, so I was happy to pass up the solo meeting with them. They approached me in anger and I encouraged them to take a better approach. We all know what happened at that church in New York where that guy got beat up and died inside the church.

Nevertheless, we did a great job volunteering and never had a complaint, but no matter how nice we were, it did not seem to matter. Then the hacker that we had sent them a message through Facebook. The church responded pretty nastily but we had not sent the message. Someone else did. We have yet to be invited back to the church and we see them all the time while walking with our books and backpacks to the library.

I persisted to try and be kind. I wave to them and give them a gentle, “Hello”, whenever I see them. They resisted for years, and I persisted for years because I am not evil, but at some point, you have to walk away.

They did not want to accept that a black woman could be so kind, so when they got fake news, they jumped on it.

I persisted in love, prayed for their wellbeing, spoke to members of the church during the time they were not in the building, and loved them anyway from a distance.

I’ve studied a lot of black history, and I know that racism is alive and well, but the root cause is from a multitude of races including black people. For all I know, a black person who was jealous told the lie. People use triggers and stereotypes to start wars. It’s our job to evolve and recognize it.

The church, the police, and even the judges have been used as pawns for generations and loving and kind people suffer because of sociopaths. I am not a doctor, but I have people with sociopath-like symptoms in my family, so I have seen this before. Millions of Americans are sociopaths. I, however, am not a sociopath. In fact, I have no long-term diagnosis of any mental illnesses and no addictions of any kind, not even coffee. Just because I am a rare jewel amongst the masses does not mean I judge others for how they live their life.

My job is not to be an investigator here. My job is to tell my truth and my side of the story and not to get angry. My son is also not angry. There is a difference between hurt and angry.

Overall, I can tell that the people, churches, police, and judges are tired of being used as pawns. I can assure you that my son and I would not play games like this with people’s lives.

We are thankful that we’ve both had so many joyous experiences and have achieved great things that we have more than enough joy to share with the world even when we have major hiccups.

I will be writing the president on some of the matters that are happening to me as I have written Former President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama in the past. I have also written and faxed the senators Cory Booker and Steve Sweeney. I am not a bug. I have been being targeted, and we have no choice but to peacefully defend ourselves.

Last night, I sent a message to the appointed mayor’s office in Glassboro, because I want to interview him. His name is Mayor John E. Wallace III, and I’d like to bless him and say congratulations on receiving his new appointment.

This is not a situation that you sit back and just watch. Someone has to do something, and it is my hope that it is life-saving, peaceful, and full of love.

However, if I do get to meet with John, it will be about interviewing him and learning about his goals for the next year in Glassboro. Also, I want to present to him a proposal that I had written and sent to Former Governor Christie over three years ago. The proposal is written to improve the quality of life for people in Glassboro and to upgrade what is available at the community center or for the one that needs to be built.

“We don’t stop until we leave the earth and it’s going to be a long while.”


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