My Adventures in Glassboro 8



The most unnerving thing that happened in Glassboro…

Before saying this I would like the people in NJ to understand that their perspective of the world is very often based on life in NJ and most states treat their citizens especially their women and children much better. The men demand that their women and children are treated much better.

During just about all of my time in Glassboro we have had a phone hacker. This phone hacker forced us to go through several phones. Blocked phone calls that came through very intermittently and my emails were, edited, deleted and wiped. My text messages were not coming through either. This wrecked my ability and my sons ability to prove ourselves as reliable business minded people and to make progress. It kept us from getting even the most basic task completed. It took away our freedom to live and work where we wanted. This has been a real distraction, oppressing us, and our progress.

It also made him very leery of his surroundings and reduced his level of social, emotional and academic function. This was a Hate Crime. Amongst many other things. In spite of it he is still a genuinely happy child.

We are now getting him ready for his SAT.

My son and I are happy we stood strong together. He is my Hero and the best person a mother could be blessed with. Vincent is a wonderful teenager of color and protesting through demonstrating how you treat people.

If you are about to have children or have young children and you are in a place of power to do something contact me. I do not care what color, race, sexual orientation, church you are from you need to talk to me.

Honestly, I think it was a hacker trying to set us up. Once you run through several phones and you have them all sitting at home. Then you have to buy the store flip phones. Etc. You start looking suspicious. Then you get emotionally drained and freak out in public and before you know it you are getting blamed for things you would never do.

I did have the pleasure of speaking to some people at a gun shop about how technology could set gun owners off indirectly and how easy it would be to target them. They agreed with me…It’s nice to see that many people in the public are ready for the conversation and are trying to steer away from assumptions that it’s a glitch or that the person delivering the information just doesn’t know how to use a computer. The public is ready for the tech discussion. They no longer believe that people are just waking up and snapping out one day.

I have been very fortunate that my intellect and presentation skills have outshined every lie, accusation, cognitive dissonance, assumption, and sex discrimination against me. I do have solutions it’s a matter of obtaining those solutions.

Please contact me in writing if you would like me to speak at your church or organization. Or if your company is looking for Ambassadors or Representatives.

Dana Guidera LLC
PO Box 582
Glassboro, NJ 08028




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