My Adventures in Glassboro 6



Get this one.

There was this Christian guy I met who runs construction. David actually use to go to the same church as my oldest brother. He has a very well known name. He told me he was single and ministered to me all about Jesus. Then he asked me out. He had a nice truck and wanted to get me things.

Made a lot of money. However, he lied to me about his marital status. I did nothing with him but have a coffee.  That’s how I figured it out.  He use to be an addiction counselor for his church. Since I saw he was a liar I offered to be a Life Coach for him to get him to stop lying and go back to his family.

He said he wanted a divorce and I explained that I don’t want anything to do with a relationship with him.

Didn’t work. He actually called me and then left the phone where she could find it because he knew she searched through his phone. This was a set up and a half. She called me acting crazy and I was like what in the bloody hell is happening here?

Just a tip ladies if you have to search through his phone the relationship is on the brink.

They were fighting over the house and stuff. The last I heard from him his house caught fire and burned down.

Even if this guy made the hefty salary that he claimed what value does that have for me if I have to hurt his wife and children to get it? God can give me greater things. Use the money that you receive for good. Please Listen. I am begging you to listen.




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