My Adventures in Glassboro 5



This older gentleman named Ken from California spread rumors that I wanted him.

I did not want him, in fact, I rejected Ken.  He was attractive don’t get me wrong, but he used game on me that only a 20 something would buy. So I threw it back at him and said whatever. Half the stuff I didn’t even mean because he was playing games.

What’s good for the goose.

Whatever. He tried to tarnish my reputation because I rejected him.

It was a lie. He did give me money though…I didn’t promise him anything.

Any man who claims he has slept with me with in the last 5 years is lying because

I don’t have sex. I’m like Fort Knox so men lie to save face.

Some guys use me as a wing girl without my permission to make the woman

they really want jealous. That’s a waste of my time and people should make

high salaries for helping people make such love maneuvers.

I ended up having to tell his not-my-girlfriend a thing or too because she was acting crazy based on whatever garbage he told her. It was a lie I am sure. These guys they suck you into their relationship issues.



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