My Adventures in Glassboro 4

groupphotoMAIG 4

My authentically joy filled happy personality was not received well

here in Glassboro. I actually had someone ask me what’s my angle?

I am like angle? What I experienced here was bad treatment upon

arrival from many different people then at the end of it

they seemed happier than me because they stole my energy

and got a rush of joy from doing it. Initiating and degrading people

here seems to be a problem. I can give you a list of factual events

and experiences. Overall I assume this is what they call culture

shock. I have been victorious as I am still the person I was before I arrived here.

What I learned is don’t let people replace you with their version of you.

They just need to learn to be more accepting. It’s about acceptance.

I know that God has greater things for me and my sons life

and he saves and does not harm.

Many people have never lived any where else but NJ so they

assume this is what the world is like. This is not what the world is


Um where I come from people talk to each other and

are kind and neighborly for the most part. Minus the people who were

more worried about what I had VS how they treat people.


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