Why I Guard My Son…Politics and Entertainment


There are a lot of people in politics and in entertainment who are perverts. You will think they like you but they actually want to sleep with your child. My sons phone has been getting hacked for years and if I find out it’s some type of nasty child molester they will be going to jail. Freaking nasty pervert child sex traffickers always trying to get to children bastards.

I’ll slam your head against pavement screaming  “Nah Mean!”

God forgive me. It’s how I feel.

This one guy who completely changed his last name and just made that stuff up who lied to me about his background is in jail now. Turned out he molested Boy Scouts. He didn’t touch my son and I never lived with him but he lied about who he was completely. When I figured it out I turned him in.

This is not a threat. But I think most parents would feel this way.


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