Signs of Good Leaders & Red Head Conversation


You can always tell a good leader, because you can say things that they don’t agree with, and don’t like, and they still value you.

It is the terrorist- and Hitler-types who demand that you do exactly what they say and devalue your opinion. For example, when people question my faith, it would be a failure to humanity for me to then say, “You deserve to die.” Be wise, and do not elect these people. They will plot to harm you and your children.

This is why I am kind to all people. God might show me the direction his wind is blowing, but we should be kind to all people as much as we can.

Accept our differences of opinion in stride. Do not crucify each other.

I know that some people get mad at the mailman, but it’s not his fault.

Take what people say, think on it, and consider it. Some things do not require a reaction at all.

One great path to personal growth is to learn to get along with people who are different than you. Now, I am not saying to hang out with abusive people, but getting to know someone with a different perspective is a magnificent thing.

Cherish our differences because, we are uniquely, and wonderfully made.



________ Red Head Conversation______

Today I was talking to a red head guy and he told me how his Godson Ben died of Neuroblastoma. We were at the Barnes and Noble. The conversation started off light and I told him how he reminded me of Prince Harry and how much I love him. Then I offered him some of my American Flag pins but couldn’t seem to find them because I left them at home. Just a great person and he gave my son some very sound advise about listening to his mother.

In this video the mom makes a lot of points about how she is trying to give her child the best life she can. When a child has a visible disability their condition gets more attention but if it is not outwardly visible people are often less empathetic. I feel for this mother who’s child is struggling to stay alive. Cancer is an awful thing. I can only relate it to people who I’ve known who have lived and died from Cancer.

While talking to Zack we talked about treatments such as Cannabis and how it is therapeutic towards the illness. He shared in detail about how Cancer has effected his life. It’s touched many lives.

We have to learn to not be so judgmental as people and judge them for spending money on things that we call a waste because we do not know what that child, family and parent are going through. In the video above the mom talked about taking him on trips and going great places with the family. They need to do this to maintain their sanity I am sure a little fun helps them heal quicker.

Please make sure to watch the video above and realize that Cancer is not just a word but it has a real impact on our citizens quality of life. Lord have mercy.



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