Spark Your Child’s Success in Math and Science


I was reading “Spark Your Child’s Success in Math and Science: Practical Advice for Parents” by Jacqueline Barber, Nicole Parizeau, and Lincoln Bergman; and there are two things that I would like to share with you.

The topic of homework is covered. We’ve known for years that homework has very little value. It doesn’t improve a child’s skills or raise their grades. This is why I would love for the school system to do away with as much homework as possible. It would be better for the school system to adopt a day school model and add 1½ hours to their work day. We could also consider 12-hour models from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM that will include extracurricular activities, and allow private tutors to visit the kids at school.  This will allow for the kids to use their school laptops at school and leave them there. Of course, we would have to change the blueprint of how schools are built.

Extra work time would give the schools the ability to manage the amount of homework given. This would also allow a college-type study environment and for the students to learn from each other. Then, all of them could be broken up in groups to have biweekly meetings to head off any problems amongst the body.  There are not enough social workers, or school counselors, and it’s obvious that we need more. The schools know this, and it’s time that they do something about it. Having the kids in school a little longer may also help with the drug issue, along with opening up time after school for sports, activities, family time and additional private tutoring for the kids who need it. This would essentially keep them engaged while their parents are away. It really just boils down to taxes. Many families have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and their children are getting left in the lurch.

We’ve been in New Jersey for years, and they have intentionally failed to educate my son. To be more precise, they took a teen who worked his whole life to be successful, and discriminated against him by screwing him over in his high school years. I, in turn, was screwed too. Things really need to change. My son is a good student. Senator Booker knew all about this. As a matter of fact, he was invited to attend an IEP meeting, and he actually ignored the invite. I wanted to give him some insight as to what is happening to the parents, so he wouldn’t have to stand at the podium talking about special education after not spending time inside the institutions. It’s better to be informed, than be a con, and he is childless, so he should make every effort to learn.

One thing that we have to acknowledge is that the School System is in a crisis, and things need to be fixed across the board. We need to look at the demographics of every school system, then look at the diversity and projected diversity of the school board. There has to be action taken in this regard to have more balanced leadership.

We also need to commit to offering alternative training to school staff.  That includes workshops on encouraging happiness, mindfulness, empathy, current technology, current event training, and logical reasoning every month.

Excerpt: “Isn’t it more important to be a good citizen than a smart shopper? Shouldn’t schools be a haven from, and not simply an extension of, the prevailing commercial culture, with its over-the-top worship of material success? When so much of society has become infected with the virus of greed, shouldn’t teachers, entrusted with the mental and moral development of the community’s children, have an obligation to carry forward the true values of life?” (Jacqueline Barber, Nicole Parizeau and/or Lincoln Bergman; “Spark Your Child’s Success in Math and Science: Practical Advice for Parents”)

People’s children, whether rich or poor, are a gift unto us. They are our future, and we have to help them live, so they can become citizens who contribute in a healthy way. There needs to be a safe haven for them at home, and at school, so when we correct them as they grow, they understand that it comes from a place of love, and not hate, and to plant seeds of growth, and not defiance.  What’s going on right now is that our kids don’t trust us, and it’s time to grow that trust.

I know that personally, my son’s goal is to get at least a Master’s Degree. He can do it because I have worked with him his entire life to make sure he can accomplish this goal. This goal is not for him alone. European countries are far ahead of the United States in building working models for people with complicated learning systems. It would behoove this country to take a family-driven approach on this matter simply because of technological evolution, and how much we have systematically destroyed family units.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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