Marriage Black Education and the War that Might Be Coming

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Marriage is great with the right person, and horrible with the wrong one, and that’s why I’m not worried about it.

I’ve already had a successful business, a child, and some cars, and I have paid all my bills, and I have a full mature understanding of life, because I have had a family.

I know what it’s like to be so poor that I am in the negative everyday, and financially secure enough that I can meet all my own needs and my child’s. I have had my “… nails done hair done everything did …” (Drake, “Fancy”). I even know what it’s like for people to steal your knowledge, health, wealth and belongings. I think most of us have experienced this on some level.

What’s happened as of late has been treacherous, and I am not shy about asking for help, but we will all make it as long as we take the time to care for each other. When you have your phone hacked, are discriminated against in town, and the pastor of the local church tells you that you’re not allowed to attend on Easter Sunday, you know there’s a problem, and you know it’s a set up. You know there’s been lies said, and probably only believed because of the color of your skin. You also know that society is intentionally trying to put you in a harmful situation. We see this all the time, but we just won’t admit it. We still live in a society where African-Americans and minorities are thought of as optional. Black people do this to black people, and white people do this to black people. Plus, look at how we are treating women right now. Certain groups are trying to turn the USA into Sexual Abuse Central. They’ve especially gone after more feminine women. That’s not right. A woman should not have to choose between sleeping around, or becoming butch-like to survive.

Black women with guns are not threatening. Black women with smart children and books are threatening.

We should be more responsible in assessing situations. We have to look at the variables and statistics. Are they female? Are they part of a minority? Were they abused? Is there any neurodiversity or sickness in their family? By taking a scientific approach and considering variables, we can have much better outcomes. We should be positively proactive in life. Come on guys. It’s time to wake up!

Please don’t assume that I am racist because I love every race. What’s going on with me is a symptom of a society that has not fully acknowledged the damage that slavery has had on the black race.

This is why I believe that, for the next 10 years, any citizen who has one black parent should have up to 72 credits at any community college of their choice available to them at $25 per credit online and on campus. They can already rent books. It’s time to acknowledge the long-term hardship that intentionally induced struggle causes, and the extended impact that it has had, and can have, on the black race. There is no way that I am going to look out for other races, and not my own. This is normal and healthy. It’s also healthy to be kind to all races. We are not blind. God did not make us blind and we see every color of the rainbow.

By taking the approach of providing this for black and mixed students, we can keep them from being  left-behind. We already provide educational resources for immigrants.  I encourage the continued education for our society as a whole, regardless of race. Also, taking this first step will encourage policy makers to help provide more affordable education options for all. The goal is for all people who want an education to have better access to traditional education. Acknowledging the black struggle is the first step and then acknowledging the universal struggle in paying for education is the next.

Do not be dismayed. I acknowledge wholly that people can be intelligent without a formal education. We have to stop being so arrogant to believe that only formally educated people are intelligent. We need to do away with that false equivalency while simultaneously offering traditional options. Having a formal education means you should become more open-minded, not less. We should have open access to education, both traditional and non-traditional, without restrictions on what college or trade schools our citizens can attend.

Once I get things moving in the right direction, I won’t have time to reflect on the current hindrances too much but, is what’s happening… Because of politics? Maybe? Is it caused by money? Definitely. Religion? Probably, but not taking action is not an option.

Systematically trying to separate a mother and child is not an option. Ivanka Trump takes her kids to work. Why can’t other women? Dehumanizing people is not an option. Sitting by, and expecting the problem to just get fixed is not an option.

I’m not some woman that is out on drugs, sleeping around, and robbing people. Even if I was, do these people deserve to be treated as less than human? I am a mom trying to raise a young man to be a dignified human being who would appreciate greatly if people would stop using us as pawns.  The racism, hate, technical interference, sexism, ageism etc. has to stop.

People are behind the scenes doing some very nasty things. We, as Americans, should not stand for this treatment.

As a person who has fed military veterans out of my own pocket, and helped the most vulnerable among us, I understand the importance of calling out injustice. We have to protect ourselves and our children. We can have no more man-made Martin Luther Kings, or tragedies like what’s happened in Florida just to create a political stir. We can no longer put American citizens at risk for a rise in TV ratings. The rich moms hate this just as much as the poor ones.

Another thing we should reflect on is that, if I campaigned for Senator Booker, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan, then why is this going on, and why are they not saying anything? Do they not have daughters and wives? This is a perfect example of sexism. This is how strong women have been kept out of politics, technology, head of state and other leadership positions for ages. They don’t want real They want puppets, but puppets will not save their lives. The truth is that puppets will watch them drown, just like the others, and with the wind of technological chaos that is sweeping the nation, they might want to rethink their approach with women. In the bible, it says that women will prophesy. It means that women, just like men, have something to contribute to society.

God did not say that money shall prophesy. God did not say that AI shall prophesy. Here is the warning that I have to give, so my hands can be clean:

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

Do not allow technology to drive the decisions that we make in regards to valuing human life, because too much of the data is false.

Regardless, since I am a born leader, I will not crack. I will not fall, well… maybe I will fall a little but I’ll get back up, and I will protect what is mine. When dealing with me, you might as well concede from the beginning, because you are fighting a losing battle. Loving each other is the winning formula. This is eternally true.

My son and I are not pawns, and I lay it before Gods throne for him to fight on our behalf. You better believe that he will answer, and that he will use whomever and whatever he wishes.

Stay peaceful, everybody. Great things are coming. Have faith, and believe. Love each other, regardless of party, and regardless of religion, and if your religion teaches you to deny people’s living needs, pray about that.

Lastly, remember not to seek revenge, or intentionally harm each other, because vengeance is His.



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